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A Thorough List of The Businesses Run By The Kardashian-Jenner Family

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The Kardashian-Jenner family has mastered the art of show business for over a decade through their TV show. These days, the family has found a way to expand their wealth through other ventures.  

The Kardashian-Jenner family is arguably one of the most famous families in the United States, and rightfully so.

They achieved fame and wealth through their longtime TV show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” However, the Kar-Jenner family displayed their business savvy nature in other areas. Here’s a look through the family’s businesses.

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Even before the Kardashian-Jenner family thought of trying out TV, Dash was their first foray into business. Dash boutique was opened in 2006, and it was run by Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian.

The store located in Calabasas, California, needed boosting, and the sisters thought of a show revolving around it. The sole aim was to film the daily activities at their Dash store as a form of advertisement for more customers and feasibility.

However, the show grew to be more than an ad. It became the family’s foundation for fame. In April 2018, the Kardashians closed the Dash chain of boutiques.

Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood App

It is safe to say that the Kardashian women know how to keep things flowing while staying in vogue. As of 2014, Kim expanded her savviness to tech. The star explored how art imitates life with her Hollywood app.

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The app allows fans to explore the glamorous Hollywood life through avatars attending star-studded parties and meeting stars.

During its first six months after launch, the app generated $74.3 million. It has since been downloaded over 40 million times.


SKIMS is Kim’s shapewear company, and it has been in existence since 2019. The brand focuses on shape solution wear, and it encompasses inclusivity. The franchise is valued at $500 million, according to Forbes.


Kourtney Kardashian launched her lifestyle brand, Poosh, in 2019. Kourtney connects with her slew of fans via Poosh. She shares healthy lifestyle tips, hacks for moms, and other lifestyle spheres.

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The mom-of-three once shared: “decided to launch Poosh because I felt that something was missing in the healthy lifestyle space.”

Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin

It is safe to say that Kylie learned to be business-oriented from her older siblings and their successful businesses. As a teenager, she pulled her weight into the beauty industry and launched her cosmetic company in 2015.

In 2019 she was named the world’s youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes. Kylie has since expanded her passion for lifestyle into an offshoot of her brand, and it is called Kylie Skin.

Good American 

Khloe channeled her days as a DASH boss to her Good American company. The company focuses on helping people find outfits that match their body types.

The clothing franchise first started as a denim line for women with rounded butts. As time went on, Khloe included chic dresses in her collections. 


818 Tequila

Kendall Jenner has made a name for herself and attained the status of one of the top-rated models in the United States. However, Kendall showed fans she was ready to ply her sisters’ business-oriented paths early this year. 

She launched her tequila business, 818 Tequila. The award-winning spirit brand includes three varieties, Reposado, Blanco, and Anejo. Kendall shared that her tequila brand had already garnered milestones like tasting competitions at the time of launch.

George Socks

Also known as Arthur George Socks, the essentials franchise was founded in 2012 by Kris Jenner’s only son, Rob Kardashian. The brand carried a wide range of comfy socks, underwear, and other clothing essentials.

KKW Beauty

The beauty empire was formulated with a combination of Kim’s names and her married name, West. It has been one of the leading franchises amongst the Kardashian businesses. KKW beauty carries a range of makeup products, all borne out of Kim’s passion for beauty.

Jenner Communications, and Kardashian Kloset ‘

Kris Jenner manages the two franchises. The executive producer of “KUWTK” and highly-esteemed momager gets 10% of profits through Jenner communications. Kris handles the reselling of the Kardahians’ famous clothing items through Kardashian Kloset.

Kendall + Kylie

Kendall and Kylie initially put their business ideas into playback when they were younger in 2013. The girls launched their own clothing line, Kendal + Kylie, channeled at young fashion lovers. 

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