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Elaine Lively: Blake Lively’s Mother Is an Actress Too!

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Elaine Lively is the mother of Hollywood sweetheart Blake Lively. Here’s everything we know about the celebrity mother. 

Blake Lively’s name resonates with every Hollywood fan thanks to her incredible performances and talent. However, before the acting industry and the world learned about Blake, her mother, Elaine, was already a famous figure.

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With a striking resemblance to her daughter and a heap of talent of her own, here’s everything you need to know about the woman who raised and made the Blake Lively we all know and love. 

Who Is Elaine Lively?

Elaine Lively is a famous actress, talent manager, and celebrity mother of Hollywood star Blake Lively. She was born on June 11, 1947, in Tarzana, California, holds an American citizenship, and is of white ethnicity. 

Elaine Lively and Blake Lively
Elaine Lively and Blake Lively. (Source: Facebook)

Is Elaine Lively Also Elaine McAlpin?

Yes, Elaine McAlpin is also Elaine Lively. She was born with the full legal name Willie Elaine McAlpin to her parents, James Olin McAlpin and Willie Inez McAlpin. She was named Willie after her mother, who is now deceased. 

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Her parents, James and Willie, were born in the same year and were together until they died. 

Blake Lively’s Mother’s Early Years and Educational History 

Elaine has not revealed any information about her early years to the public. It is unknown if she has any siblings or if she was an only child while growing up. Although we know she was born in California, it is also unclear if she grew up there or moved around as a kid. 

Elaine and her daughter, Blake, have not provided information about her educational background and qualifications. This makes it challenging to ascertain if she has any degrees, but she is inevitably well-educated due to her eloquence and career as a talent manager. 

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Elaine Lively’s Career 

The celebrity mum has a successful career as an actress and as a talent manager. She has been doing both professionally for almost 50 years, making her a top actor with valuable insight and experience in the entertainment industry. 

In a 2006 interview with Radio Free Entertainment, Blake recounted her experience with her mum’s career and how it impacted her career choice. She said, “I’ve grown up on sets. My mom is a manager and always has kids come in for coaching, my family’s always going over lines for an audition, and I’m always stealing craft service. So, it was so much a part of my life that I never wanted it. And it seemed like such a nightmare.”

However, Blake’s father, who was also an actor before he died in 2021, cast her in a small role in his 1998 film “Sandman” when she was ten. She did so great in the part and fell in love with acting, slowly becoming the Blake Lively of today. 

Elaine Lively’s Movies

As mentioned earlier, Elaine was a successful actress passionate about helping people enter the industry. She has featured in over ten movies and TV shows but is most popularly known for her role in the 1993 movie, “Return to Zork.”

Her daughter Blake and late husband Ernie have been featured in many more movies than Elaine. Ernie appeared in over 40 films during his lifetime as an active actor until he passed away. Some of his most notable appearances include:

  • Phobic
  • Looking Glass
  • Waffle Street
  • Razor
  • Outlaw Season 1
  • Memphis Beat Season 1
  • The Perfect Game
  • The Art of Travel. 

Blake’s vast filmography includes appearances in:

  • Gossip Girl
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 
  • Green Lantern
  • The Age of Adeline
  • The Town
  • The Shallows
  • A Simple Favor.
Blake Lively
The Stunning Blake Lively at the 2018 MET GALA (Source: Facebook)

Elaine Lively’s Net Worth 

Elaine has made quite a lucrative career, thanks to her monthly income streams. Her net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

She reportedly makes almost $80,000 from her job as a talent manager and an extra $63,000 from appearances in movies and shows. Due to this, she reportedly makes over $150,000 a year and lives a rich, luxurious lifestyle. 

Her daughter, Blake Lively, married to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, has a massive net worth of $30 million. This is also thanks to her numerous movie appearances and other external brand deals. 

Are Ronnie Lively and Ernie Lively Related?

Ronnie and Ernie Lively are not related. However, they do have one thing in common. They were both married to Elaine Lively for many years. 

Ronnie was Elaine’s first husband, while Ernie was the second. Ernie was also a world-famous actor until his death, with a legacy to behold in the movie industry. 

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