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“Dog The Bounty Hunter” Star Duane Chapman Married Lover Francie Frane Amid Family Drama: Inside The Family Rift”

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Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman has married his fiancée, Francie Frane. This comes two years after they started their relationship. It also comes on the heels of an ongoing family feud. 

Reality TV mogul Duane “Dog” Chapman and his partner, Francie Frane, have officially become man and wife. The couple walked down the aisle in Colorado in front of close family and friends.

While Frane and Dog are currently enjoying the sweetness that comes with marital bliss, they also have a pressing issue at the back of their mind. This has to do with the feud Dog has with his daughters, Cecily and Bonnie Chapman.

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Bonnie and Cecily Claimed Dog Did Not Invite Them To His Wedding

In weeks leading up to the bondman’s sixth wedding, reports showed that two of his grown daughters were not invited. It is worthy of note that during the early stage of Dog’s relationship with Frane, the girls were quite supportive.

However, it is glaring that things have now gone awry. The girls shared that they had no idea why their father was snubbing them, adding that they had no ill feelings towards the then-bride-to-be. 

Cecily felt like she and Bonnie might remind their dad too much of their late mom, Beth Chapman, because of the striking resemblance.

Interestingly, while the two girls were not given invites, their brother, Garry, who is also Beth’s child, was invited. The girls claimed that their dad mostly favored his sons. 

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The Girls Seemed To Have No issues With The Marriage

Speaking on the family rift, Bonnie and her older sister stated that they were not opposed to their dad finding love and wanting forever. Cecily shared: “Me and Bonnie, we’ve always been pretty fine with it. I mean, we think [Francie Frane] is a great lady….”

Bonnie added that Beth would have wanted them to all be at their dad’s wedding since they were a family and Dog’s “flesh and blood.” Beth and Bonnie are two of the 12 children that Dog has. 

Bonnie and Cecily relayed that they have been busy keeping up their mom’s legacy away from the drama and scandal. Cecily confirmed she was putting together a documentary about the bondwoman. 

Chaos At Dog And Frane’s Wedding

The heat surrounding Dog’s wedding escalated during the event when it was disrupted. The intimate event with 100 closest family and friends included high-class security, german shepherds, and Navy SEALS. 

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However, the couple received threats from an anonymous person who wanted to throw paint on Frane’s dress. In addition, a guest claimed that the tires of their vehicles were slashed with blades.

Another person shared that intruders had left a pungent odor in their car. In essence, many of the invitees felt the disruption had to do with Dog’s daughters, Cecily and Bonnie. 

The couple, however, showed that their feathers could not be ruffled. They carried on with the exchange of vows and had fun feeding each other cakes after their three-tier cake was cut. 

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