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Intriguing Details From Gabrielle Union’s New Book ‘You Got Anything Stronger?’

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Hollywood star Gabrielle Union’s new book, “You Got Anything Stronger,” was quite the eye-opener. Union talked about the impact of motherhood and told a soulful story of her marriage and surrogacy. 

Since little Kaavia James became a part of her mom Gabrielle Union’s life, the actress has been opened up to a new level of love. And she could not possibly have it any other way.

However, the past few years of happiness have not stopped Union from thinking about all she endured on her motherhood journey. The star tells the story of motherhood struggles, surrogacy, and her marriage in her new book.

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Fertility Issues

The “Bring It On” actress’ new book, “You Got Anything Stronger?” holds in it the story of how Union tried so hard to beat fertility issues. However, Union realized she had to take another path other than the one she strived for. 

The star actress suffered several miscarriages than she could “confidently count.” Doctors diagnosed Union with adenomyosis, and this prevented her from having a healthy pregnancy.

Adenomyosis is a condition that occurs when the tissue that should line the uterus grows into the muscular wall of the uterus. In an excerpt of the book, Union revealed she resisted her doctor’s suggestion of opting for surrogacy. 

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The star noted that she was “not ready to do that.” Union wanted to experience pregnancy, but it was a long shot. She shared in her book: “To watch my body expand and shift to accommodate this miracle inside me. I also wanted the experience of being publicly pregnant.”

Her Surrogacy Journey

The “Think Like A Man” actress eventually agreed to try surrogacy, and she wasted no time getting more information on it. Union learned of the myths surrounding the choice of a surrogate. With time she was able to decipher how she wanted it to be.

The award-winning actress explained that she and her husband Dwyane got the “most ethical agency” they could find and they were linked with a surrogate not long after. The former “AGT” judge explained that the surrogate, Natalie, was very helpful.

She shared: “She said all the right things about how she experienced the gift of life having her own kids and wanted to give this gift to others.” So, despite Union’s anxiety, the surrogacy process worked just fine. 

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These days Union revels in the joys of motherhood and is grateful that she has a healthy daughter who has gained fame despite being a toddler. Union now appreciates how she decided to opt for surrogacy and not be bothered about naysayers.

Union Writes About Her Marriage

The “Being Mary Jane” actress’s book was quite an eye-opener on her struggle with motherhood and the dilemma she experiences in her marriage. Union recalled that while she battled infertility issues, her marriage suffered setbacks.

Dwyane had cheated and also welcomed a child from the affair. The star described how devastated she was, noting that the trauma did a number on her. 

She shared that when the other woman became pregnant, she and Dwyane had not been on good terms. However, when they started getting back on track, he opened up about the pregnancy. 

Dwyane also admitted to fathering a child outside matrimony. The former NBA champion described the situation as “pain and hurt” that nevertheless brought about blessings. 

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