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“No More Freeloading!” Colorado Community Threatens to Seize Buses Dropping Off Illegal Migrants

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One county in Colorado is addressing the migrant crisis by taking direct action and creating an Ordinance to that effect. They have warned bus companies not to forestall or drop off illegal immigrants in their county. 

Douglas County Commissioner George Teal explained that his community, with a tremendous Republican populace, is not a sanctuary city. He stated that the brand-new Ordinance is a reflection of this stance.

Teal emphasized to “Fox & Pals” co-host Lawrence Jones that there would be “no more freeloading.” He explained that they believed the Ordinance was vital to ensuring the safety of their community. 

In step with the Ordinance, buses dropping off “passengers” in “unplanned places” in Douglas County will be fined up to $1,000. He further added that neighborhood law enforcement may capture the buses.

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The legislation arrives as Colorado groups are seeking to distance themselves from Denver’s sanctuary city reputation. Denver had previously advertised itself as a sanctuary town and is now grappling with an inflow of migrants.

“Denver got on the bandwagon of the anti-Trump fad of declaring a sanctuary city early, among Democrat cities across the nation,” Teal said. “We’re not a Democrat county. We’re a community that is primarily Republican. We were never going to be a sanctuary county.

Local officials in Monument, Colorado, have officially voted to verify the city’s status as a “non-sanctuary city.” This movement displays growing concern about the capacity for migrants to leave Denver and pass to nearby towns.

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The migrant disaster has allegedly precipitated financial stress in Denver, leading to cutbacks in services. In February, Mayor Mike Johnston announced the closure of four migrant shelters. The town aims to reallocate almost $60 million into other critical town services.

Johnston assured that the migrants might not be displaced once the shelters close. He stated that they might be relocated to different centers. But Teal remained skeptical of this assurance.

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“We know that it’s just a matter of time before Denver starts diverting buses into Douglas County. We’re to the south of Denver — right between Denver and Colorado Springs. And that’s why we did this Ordinance, so that, when that happens, we’re prepared.”

Teal argued that the trend of sanctuary city declarations was a reaction to former President Trump’s immigration policies. He further described it as a “fad.”

“As we’ve all checked and found out, President Trump isn’t the president anymore — at least not yet, again,” he said. “Right now, it’s President Biden, one of their own Democrats. And yet they continue these policies that they’re starting to regret.”

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