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California Christian Teacher Claims Gender Policy Forced Her to Lie in Suit Against Newsom

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A Christian teacher in California has decided to sue the state’s top officials over a gender policy. She said it forced her to lie to parents and teach her students to live “double” lives.

Rincon Middle School teachers Elizabeth Mirabelli and Lori Ann West filed a lawsuit against Escondido Union School District last year. They claim the school policy forced teachers to aid in students’ “social transition” by using pronouns and gender-specific names the students want during school hours. 

They edited the lawsuit last month to name Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta. This is because the district policy was based on guidance promoted by the state’s Department of Education. Mirabelli appeared on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends” to explain her objections to the policy.

“It required us, when meeting and speaking with parents, to withhold critical information about their child’s mental health and emotional health. And specifically refer to that child by one set of names and pronouns in front of parents and, during the school day, change to another name and another set of pronouns that parents were unaware of. So, basically, I was teaching this child to live a double life,” she said.

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“It was tricky, it was confusing. A teacher is a very busy person. And in addition to my roster, I was supposed to memorize names and various unique pronouns for a number of students,” the teacher continued.

The confusing policy was challenging to enforce in the classroom. There could be as many as seven girls asking the teacher to address them by different names with unique pronouns.

“This is becoming a fad, especially with young girls, and empirical science has proven that. So I had no less than seven girls that wanted different names than my roster, a variety of interesting pronouns like ‘they’ or ‘zir’ and so forth. It is very difficult for me to remember that in a busy, hectic moving environment,” she added.

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According to EUSD’s policies, all teachers must accept a child’s assertion of a transgender or gender-diverse identity. It also urges them to “treat the student immediately” according to their asserted gender identity, all without the requirement for parent or caretaker agreement or even for knowledge.

Newsom’s office does not think he is a proper party in the case. However, the plaintiffs’ attorney believes that the court ordered Newsom and Bonta’s names to be reflected in the suit because the school district pointed fingers at state leaders as the “source” for the gender policy.

“We have the governor and the attorney general sort of defying the court’s order from a distance, and now they’re roped in directly under the court’s jurisdiction,” Paul Jonna of the Thomas More Society explained on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

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“I think the Governor and the Attorney General know exactly what’s at stake,” Jonna explained. He hopes the lawsuit will block similar policies in school districts nationwide.

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“For whatever reason, this has been a top priority for the state of California, enforcing these gender secrecy policies. And this case presents the best opportunity to undo that in California and throughout the country,” he concluded.

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