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From Break Ups to Babies: A Few Juicy Details About Cardi B and Offset’s Relationship

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Hip-hop stars Cardi B and Offset have sustained an on-again-off-again relationship since they first got together. Yet, they held on strong long enough to become parents to two amazing kids.

For four years and counting, Cardi B’s relationship with Offset has been at the heart of pop culture headlines for all the juicy reasons; From their whirlwind dating escapade which played out in less than a year to their marriage plagued by cheating scandals and divorce calls.

Yet, these two have managed to stick it out as a couple, and have two children to show for their bumpy years together. In honor of their enduring love, here’s a glimpse into Cardi and Offset’s romantic escapades since their first meeting.

Offset And Cardi B’s First Meeting

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Cardi B met her husband at an industry event in late 2016 thanks to a New York group hang-out organized by the Migos rapper and his publicist. While Offset put in the effort to set them up at the time in hopes of winning her over, the move did not sit well with the crooner.

Speaking about their meeting in an interview, the rapstress, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, revealed her initial impression of him was that he only wanted her in his bed.

That soon changed when Offset remained consistent in his pursuit, trying really hard to talk to her. His efforts paid off eventually and weeks later, they went on their first official date, catching a game together at the 2017 Super Bowl.

Their Whirlwind Romance

Things became more interesting for them thereafter. By May that year, they released the music video of their first musical collaboration. Fans were quick to point out that the release and record date of the song came months before their alleged first meeting, raising speculations that the duo may have recorded the track without coming in contact.

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A month later, Cardi B revealed to the world that she and Offset were an item. They continued making headlines with their relationship in the weeks that followed, with Cardi once hinting at her desire to get married during an interview at the MTV Music Video Awards in August 2017.

While their love progressed hitch-free, the songstress gave fans a scare in October when she shared a now-deleted selfie of herself along with the caption, “single.” 

The post raised speculations that she and Offset ended their relationship. However, she deleted the post just as fast and the next day, shared another post confirming she and her man were still together. She also affirmed her love for the rapper, adding that she considered him a gift from Jesus.

Offset Takes The Hint

Just weeks after Cardi hinted at her desire to get married, and just days after she sparked breakup rumors, the Migos popped the big question to the love of his life. 

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He staged the proposal with a 20-carat diamond ring worth half a million, in front of thousands of attendees at the Power 99’s Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia on October 21, 2017. And she said yes!

The couple would later admit they tied the knot in September 2017, one month before their staged proposal.

The First Strike

Their marriage took a hard hit in December 2017 after a video of Offset cheating on Cardi B with an unknown woman surfaced online. The poster claimed they hacked into the rapper’s iCloud account to obtain the clip.

The scandal had barely died down when a second video leaked in January 2018, also catching Cardi B’s husband in the act with yet another woman.

Cardi shocked everyone with her reaction to Offset’s infidelity. Rather than call it quits as the world expected, she took to Instagram live to defend her relationship, saying “you live and you learn.”

Days later, she confirmed to fans at a concert that she and her beau were still together. However, she added that she made sure he knew he would lose his wife if he cheated again.

That same month, Offset made it up to his wife by getting a neck tattoo of her name. What a reaffirmation of love after a hurdle.

Building A Family

In April 2018, after weeks of denying pregnancy rumors, Cardi B finally spilled the beans. She broke the news that she was indeed expecting a baby with Offset during her debut performance on “Saturday Night Live.”

Offset later confirmed it on Twitter, saying he and Cardi were looking forward to their next chapter together. Two months later, they coupled up for the cover of Rollingstone where Offset name-dropped Cardi B as his wife.

His endearment raised brows at the time. About five days later, the songstress revealed they were married for real and had been since September. She also addressed their staged proposal, saying she always wanted to experience the moment he got down on one knee.

On July 10, 2017, the couple finally welcomed their daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus. To further strengthen their growing family, Cardi B and Offset adopted a dog two months later.

Cardi B Announced She Was Breaking Up With Offset

On December 4, 2018, Cardi took to Instagram to announce her breakup with Offset. Despite the rapper’s claims that they simply grew out of love, many speculated the breakup may have resulted from another cheating scandal.

Following her revelation, Cardi B’s husband interrupted her stage performance at the Rolling Loud festival with a display of roses that spelled out “Take me back Cardi.”

News of their supposed reconciliation flooded the media in February 2019 after they were spotted attending several events together, including the Super Bowl and the Grammys. They even touched tongues while posing at the Grammy red carpet.

Getting a tattoo of Offset’s name inked on her thigh was the final confirmation they were back together. In December 2019, the “Hustlers” actress told interviewers that she and offset worked through their differences by inviting priests to pray for them and help the FaZe Clan investor overcome his cheating.

Cardi Files For Divorce

Nine months after opening up about their reconciliation, Cardi B seemed to have reached her limits. Several outlets revealed the star filed for divorce on September 15, in Fulton County, Georgia.

Court documents showed the raptress was demanding physical and legal custody of their then 2-year-old daughter Kulture. 

However, a month later, the pair seemed to work things out again, right after Offset gifted his wife a posh Rolls Royce for her birthday. Cardi soon confirmed their reconciliation, saying it was hard to cut ties with her best friend.

Many criticized the actress for repeatedly forgiving her husband and overlooking his flaws. Some accused her of having low self-esteem while others called the star out for seemingly pardoning the rapper because he gave her an expensive gift.

However, she remained unfazed and did not hesitate to clap back at her critics. She dismissed the divorce case in November 2020, more determined than ever to work things out with her beau.

Expanding Their Family

In June 2021, Cardi B announced she and Offset had a second baby on the way while onstage with the Migos at the BET Awards. She later took to Instagram to confirm the news.

The couple’s son arrived on September 4, 2021, completing their adorable family. The boy joined his big sister, Kulture, and Offset’s three other kids, Jordan, Cody, and Kalea, from three different women.

Although their relationship is admittedly not a sea of perfection, the young lovers are determined to work things out and work through their mistakes one at a time until they attain the perfection they craved.

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