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Berry William Borope Robinson: He Rarely Makes Public Appearances

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If he had his way, Berry William Borope Robinson would be someone most people would never know about, much less see. It has nothing to do with pride or arrogance and more with the fact that he cherishes his privacy — a trait common among most kids born into fame. 

Even among kids like that, Berry stands out because his father is a legend in the music industry. His father, Smokey Robinson, is behind the wild success Motown enjoyed in its prime. 

The talented singer did it all with his great friend Berry Gordy in what has become known as one of the most beneficial associations to the music industry. The camaraderie between the two friends has lasted over six decades. Smokey values it so much he even allowed Berry Gordy to name his son. 

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Berry is grown up now but avoids publicity like the plague. Here is what we know about him. 

Berry William Borope Robinson
Berry William Borope Robinson. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Smokey Robinson’s Son?

Smokey Robinson has two sons. One is Berry William Borope Robinson, a product of his marriage to Claudette Rogers. He was born in 1968 somewhere in the United States, but his specific date of birth has yet to be shared. 

Smokey’s second son is named Trey Robinson. He is the love child from the singer’s extramarital affair. 

How Many Biological Children Does Smokey Robinson Have?

Smokey Robinson is a proud dad of three kids, two of whom are boys, while the third is a daughter. Berry William Borope Robinson is one of the two children Smokey welcomed while married to Claudette. The other child they gave birth to is a girl they named Tamla.

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The legendary singer’s third child, Trey, was a product of an affair with another woman while married to Claudette. It eventually led to their separation after almost three decades of marriage.

Smokey admitted to being unfaithful to Claudette, and he was the one who filed first for separation and then, later, divorce. The divorce process was concluded in 1986. 

Berry William Borope Robinson’s Siblings 

Smokey and Claudette’s two children are not often seen together in public. However, they have a strong connection that has endured over the years. 

Smokey Robinson with Claudette
Smokey Robinson with Claudette. (Source: Pinterest)

The pair are known to stay in contact, and when the time comes to celebrate birthday milestones, they never fail to greet one another. They also have a working relationship with Trey despite the circumstances surrounding his birth. 

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Tamla often includes him when celebrating special occasions like National Siblings Day. 

Berry William Borope Robinson Birth

Smokey set out to create a family after marrying his fellow Miracles band member Claudette Rogers Robinson in 1959. Unfortunately, the road to parenthood was fraught with disappointment for him and Claudette.

Due to their hectic touring schedules, conceiving was a challenge for them. According to reports, Claudette endured up to seven miscarriages before they gave up. Berry was the first child they ever had, and he was born via surrogacy. 

Is Berry Gordy Berry William Borope Robinson’s Godfather?

Because of their deep bond, Smokey allowed Berry Gordy to name his son after himself. The original Motown label founder is Berry and Tamla’s godfather, and they also have a great bond with him. 

Tamla is known to share pictures with him when he visits, and it often makes his fans happy because Gordy now keeps a low public profile and has a private Instagram. 

Smokey Robinson
Smokey Robinson. (Source: Pinterest)

Is Berry William Borope Robinson a Father?

Smokey’s first son, Berry, has flown under the radar for most of his life and avoids publicity wherever he can. As such, many may not be aware that he is already a family man with kids. 

His kids are twins, a boy and a girl. He has been known to share photos of them on Facebook, but other than that, he keeps them well away from the spotlight. 

Famous faces like him who are big on privacy include Kanye West, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Taylor Swift. 

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