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All About Linda Hunt’s Wife, Karen Kline

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Karen Kline is the celebrity wife of Linda Hunt, who has always kept a low profile. Here’s a closer look into her private life. 

As with any gay celebrity couple, Linda Hunt and Karen Kline faced a lot of public scrutiny and lashings concerning their marriage. Some couples capitalize on the bad press and turn it around, while some ignore it entirely and try to stay out of the media’s coverage.

The latter is the case for Linda and Karen as they have managed to keep their relationship very private and away from the excess hate celebrity lesbian couples are usually subjected to. 

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Who Is Karen Kline? 

Karen Kline is the celebrity wife of famous American actress Linda Hunt. She was born on April 26, 1944, in Davis County, Utah, to parents Orville Ronald and Viva Honor Rominger Billhymer. As of 2023, Kline is 78 years old. 

Karen Kline and Linda Hunt
Karen Kline and Linda Hunt. (Source: Facebook)

There is little to no information about Kline’s childhood and family life available to the media. Therefore, where she grew up and how she was raised is unknown. It is also unknown if Kline has any siblings, as none have been mentioned over the years. 

Her early educational background is unknown, but she reportedly graduated from Davis County High School in 1962. It has also been confirmed that she holds an American nationality but has a German and English heritage. 

Kline is a woman of average physique and height, but her wife is notably shorter. This is because the NCIS actress was diagnosed with hypopituitary dwarfism in her teens. Due to this condition, Linda stands at 4 feet 9 inches and has been a constant target for insensitive internet trolls. 

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Karen Kline’s Career

Unlike her wife, a world-renowned actress and media personality, Karen Kline’s career took an entirely different course. She is a qualified psychotherapist who had a successful career before she met the actress. 

Kline keeps most details about her very private, leading fans to wonder if she is still an active physiotherapist or has fully retired. Although she has not declared her assets publicly, numerous reports claim that her career was very lucrative. Her net worth is estimated at $3 million. 

Her partner, Linda, one of the most successful veteran Hollywood actresses, has an estimated net worth of about $12 million as of 2023. Linda also keeps details of her funds and assets private, but the publicity she gets as an actress makes it easier to guess her net worth.

The celebrity couple. (Source: Pinterest)

Estimators also factored in her salary from various movies and appearances to give a more accurate value of the “She-Devil” actress. 

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What Car Accident Were Linda Hunt and Karen Kline Involved In?

In July 2018, Linda Hunt had a severe car accident that ended with her hospitalization. According to reports, the Oscar winner attempted to turn left in her black BMW SUV when she crashed into a sedan and a Honda SUV.

Paramedics rushed to the scene to see a visibly shaken Linda at the site and determined that she needed medical attention. Thankfully, the drivers in the other cars only suffered minor injuries in the double collision. 

When news of the accident broke, fans began to assume the worst and spread numerous versions of the accident. One version was that Linda and Kline were both in the car, which was false. 

Karen Kline’s Obituary

Like many other celebrities, Karen Kline has not been spared death rumors and fake obituaries. She was ‘pronounced dead’ by fans in July 2018 after talks went around that she had been in a car accident with her wife. 

The news spread like wildfire, with fans creating eulogies and even obituaries for Kline. They did this without waiting for an official confirmation from the couple or a representative. 

It was later discovered that Kline was not involved in the accident and is still alive. Linda and Kline are currently in their 70s and thriving for persons their age. 

Linda Hunt
Linda Hunt. (Source: Facebook)

Genuinely concerned fans were happy when it was confirmed that Linda and Kline were not dead or severely wounded. As always, the misleading fans were cautioned that spreading such rumors about a living person is very wrong. 

Is Dr. Kline the Veterinarian Linda Hunt’s Wife?

Over the years, Linda’s wife has been mistaken for a veterinary doctor who also goes by the name Karen Kline. However, they are not the same person; Linda’s wife was a psychotherapist, while the other Dr. Kline is a vet. 

Dr. Kline specializes in veterinary neurology and exotic animal medicine. She is also very interested in diagnostic imaging modalities such as radiographs, ultrasound, and CT.

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