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NCIS’s’ McGee, Sean Murray is a Doting Father of Two Kids — Meet Them

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Sean Murray, Special Agent Timothy McGee in the crime series “NCIS,”  is popular for his onscreen romance with Margo Harshman. Similarly, in reality, the actor has a sweet romance with his wife and is a doting dad to their two kids. 

“NCIS” star Sean Murray has stuck with his character since the second season. The actor was first featured as a guest star before transitioning into a permanent cast member, which has lasted for about eighteen seasons.

Murray, who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee, the geeky agent with an admirable romance with Margo Harshman, continues to be fans’ favorite, and they wonder if the onscreen lovers will reunite.

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The “NCIS” star’s reality is also as intriguing as his character. He is a doting father of two and enjoys a blissful marriage with Carrie James. 


Murray tied the knot with Carrie James in 2005. James worked as a teacher until the birth of their first child. Now, she is devoted to helping women build their companies.

For this purpose, Murray’s wife created the “Business Relationship Alliance.” Over the years, many prolific women have passionately advanced female-owned ventures through empowerment and mentorship.

James also established “Prestique Academy of Innovation and Technology,” where students with exceptional needs study. 

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The entrepreneur revealed that she has a passion for connecting people. According to her:

“I’m a natural connector. I can listen to someone tell me about what they are struggling with and I can connect them with the right people seamlessly and with pure joy.”


Apart from connecting strangers, James is an incredible wife and mother. More than once, Murray has proudly serenaded his wife with sweet words online, showing that she is just perfect for him.

The couple also has an admirable bond that makes teamwork seamless. Last year while sharing details about his family’s home in Southern California,  the actor recalled that he and James purchased the property.

They also partnered in renovating the property once they discovered a few issues and have continued to refurbish the home to perfection. 

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The couple welcomed their daughter Caitlyn Melissa a few years after marriage. In 2010, their son,  River James, joined his sister.

After experiencing fatherhood, the actor continued to juggle both parenting and acting without letting either of them suffer.

As he solves crimes on-screen, Special Agent Timothy McGee’s kids are also treated to a happy home with their father always doting on them.

Online, Murray loves to flaunt his mini-mes showing his fatherly affection and their resemblances to him. In 2020, while celebrating River’s 10th birthday, the actor uploaded a snap of his doppelganger rocking a charming smile.

Fans have also been treated to Caitlyn’s infectious smile. The father of two once shared a snap of the teenager happily whisking a batter in a breakable bowl.

Sean Murray’s real life is a tale of intrigues, including a loving marriage, and amazing kids, proving that a Hollywood star can indeed have it all!

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