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HomeNewsA Major Crisis is Rocking Harvard University as White Males Protest Discrimination 

A Major Crisis is Rocking Harvard University as White Males Protest Discrimination 

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There have probably been previous undertones of antisemitism on the Harvard University campus. However, since the initiation of the Hamas-Israeli war, after a surprise attack on Israel, antisemitism seems to be going viral. 

Students standing around the statue of John Harvard
Source: Harvard University/Wikimedia Commons

Interestingly, it is no longer an in-house crisis, as alumni are wading in and calling out authorities of the institution to address the situation. An audible voice among Harvard alumni is Bill Ackman. Ackman is the billionaire CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management. 

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Ackman’s first involvement in Havard’s antisemitism crisis was in October, right after the Hamas attack on Israel. It happens that students representing a total of 34 student organizations at Havard wrote and signed a letter blaming Israel for the Hamas attack.

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Up until this time, Ackman did not know how serious the issue of antisemitism was at Havard. So, he called for a disclosure of the names of all the students who signed the said letter.

In a statement made by Ackman in October, he said: “We need to know the Harvard students that hold such antisemitic views.” He believes executives like himself should know such students and avoid hiring them in the future. 

However, Ackman is one of many to see things this way. In fact, some Harvard faculty members think Havard has become a breeding ground for staunch antisemites. In an anonymous letter, one faculty member explains how there is a rigid narrative of ideology on the University campus.

For example, course curriculum and students’ contributions in class follow an ideological framework that does not permit diverse opinions. Also, this cult of ideology celebrates protests fueled by hate and kicks against people who try to encourage diversity. 

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Another faculty member believes that discrimination has been allowed to run wild at Havard. Beyond taking a stand for either Hamas or Israel, many shades of discrimination are thriving on the University campus.

Students are familiar with narratives like the colonial and slavery divide and that similar segregation is normal.

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The average Harvard student sees other humans from one of two perspectives: the oppressed and the oppressor. So, for them, seeing life from a black-and-white viewpoint has become their governing philosophy. 

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There are also reports that the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (OEDIB) at Harvard is complicit in fueling discrimination in the elite institution. Faculty complained that the OEDIB is more readily at the service of the Black students, people of color, or members of LGBTQ+ on campus.

Why? These are naturally seen as the victimized and susceptible groups, while the average white, straight male is seen as the oppressor. 

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To better understand the situation at Havard, Ackman interacted with some senior faculty members. Also, the issue of antisemitism and other forms of discrimination at Harvard is presently under investigation by the US Department of Education.

Likewise, Ackman has written an open letter to Havard President Claudine Gay. The billionaire calls the letter a wake-up call for Gay to address the elephant in the room. 

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