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HomeNewsTeacher’s Union Rep. Bags Suspension after Making Antisemitic Comments on Social Media 

Teacher’s Union Rep. Bags Suspension after Making Antisemitic Comments on Social Media 

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As we advance, public school teachers may have to filter their social media posts and comments for antisemitic innuendos. This comes after a couple of teachers were placed on compulsory leave in Montgomery County.

Parking lot and entrance of Roberto Clemente Middle School
Source: G. Edward Johnson/Wikimedia Commons

The particular case in focus involves a Maryland teacher who is also an official of the local teachers’ union. The teacher in question made a post listing five wealthy billionaires in the county, calling them “gluttons and thieves.” The name of this teacher is Angela Wolf.

Before her suspension, Angela Wolf was a language teacher at Takoma Park Middle School in Montgomery, Alabama. As the head of the English department at her school, most of her students are children of migrants.

Despite her skills as an astute teacher, the school authorities thought it reasonable to place her on administrative leave for the tricky anti-Israel social media posts.

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According to reports, Wolf’s first problematic rant was posted on Facebook late last year. In the post, she generated a list of five locals who are wealthy billionaires and mostly with Jewish last names.
Wolf’s point in that post is that the Jews in her list are all crooks who do not know better than to exploit their workers. According to her, none of her Jewish specimens have invented anything tangible, so they are not deserving of their wealth.

However, research into the names on Wolf’s list shows that only four of the five wealthy Montgomery locals are Jews.

Perhaps authorities may have overlooked Wolf’s strong opinions if it ended with her list of wealthy Jews. However, she resumed her attacks this year. Right after the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel and subsequent counterattack, Wolf continued her specialty.

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After the boycott of bus operators at Dulles and their refusal to convey jews to pro-Israel rallies, she took to social media to praise their solidarity. In another post, Wolf states that Israel is out to exterminate Palestinians and make Gaza unhabitable.

So, after the string of recent anti-Israel posts, school authorities thought it was time to put Wolf on official rein. First off, Principal Erin Martin sent an official letter to each parent on November 30.

These letters are the school’s hail Mary for isolating itself from Wolf’s anti-semitic views. In the letter, Principal Martin expressed their dissatisfaction with Wolf’s view while also mentioning that the school’s values do not align with those views.

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Angela Wolf did not go down with a fight. Being a Montgomery County Education Association board member, she is not an alien to backlash. So, Wolf defended herself by pointing out her ignorance of the Jewish affiliations of the billionaires in the contentious list.

However, there seems to be a precedence for Wolf’s suspension. She is not the first teacher in Montgomery County to bag a suspension, thanks to antisemitic views. Wolf comes second in line to Sabrina Khan-Williams of Tilden Middle School, who had been placed on leave for a similar reason.

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