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11-Year-Old Dies From Fatal Stabbing While Trying to Protect Mom From Attacker

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Crosetti Brand and the Deceased 11-year-old
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An 11-year-old boy from Chicago tragically lost his life while bravely attempting to shield his mother during a violent stabbing incident, authorities have revealed. According to police statements, Crosetti Brand, aged 37, forcibly entered the residence of his former partner, who had previously obtained a restraining order against him.

The incident was described during a press briefing on Friday by Chicago Police Department Superintendent Larry Snelling, who emphasized the preventable nature of the tragedy. Brand had only been released on parole from prison the day before.

Despite being critically wounded in the attack, the 33-year-old mother managed to provide crucial information to investigators while receiving medical treatment. Fortunately, her younger son, aged 5, was physically unharmed during the harrowing ordeal, as confirmed by the CPD.

Brand now faces a series of serious charges, including first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and home invasion with a deadly weapon. The prosecution has swiftly moved to detain him ahead of his initial court appearance, and records indicate that he remains in custody.

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The Cook County State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, expressed profound sadness over the loss of the innocent child’s life and condemned the brutal attack on the mother within the supposed safety of her own home.

The tragic incident underscores the urgent need for enhanced measures to protect victims of domestic violence and prevent such senseless acts of violence from occurring. Authorities disclosed during the press briefing that the young boy was departing for his educational institution when he unlatched the front entrance, and Brand forcefully entered.

Brand had been freed on probation just the day prior, having served a 16-year prison term for unlawful entry and aggravated assault. CPD affirmed that Brand had also intimidated the woman during his probationary release in October, resulting in his return to custody for violating parole regulations. Brand and the woman had previously been romantically involved over a decade and a half ago, and she had obtained a restraining order against him.

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Furthermore, CPD revealed that Brand had previously been found guilty of defying restraining orders imposed on him. The woman, who endured numerous stab wounds during the assault, is reportedly expecting a child, as reported by various sources.

Investigators discovered video footage of Brand fleeing the scene and the weapon utilized in the incident, as per statements made during the press conference. Details regarding Brand’s legal representation were not readily accessible.

Foxx also addressed the audience on Friday, displaying signs of emotional distress. She empathized with the child, having witnessed domestic violence during her upbringing and being driven to intervene to safeguard the parent. “A mother was assaulted in what should have been her most secure refuge, her own residence,” Foxx expressed.

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Chicago Alderperson Andre Vasquez, representing the Edgewater neighborhood on the North Side, where the occurrence transpired, also delivered remarks during the press briefing. He disclosed that around 80 youngsters, aged between 11 and 14, congregated for a vigil honoring the boy on Thursday evening, indicative of his popularity at school and within his dance group.

The dance academy he attended commemorated him for bringing a “radiant spirit” to the ensemble in a social media post. “His commitment, resolve, and ever-present smile illuminated every space,” the post articulated. “We feel incredibly privileged to have been a part of his journey.”

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