Thursday, July 25, 2024
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HomeNewsFox News TV Host Steve Doocy Becomes Unexpected Voice of Dissent

Fox News TV Host Steve Doocy Becomes Unexpected Voice of Dissent

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Fox News TV Host Steve Doocy Becomes Unexpected Voice of Dissent
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“Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy has become one of President Joe Biden’s supporters, much to most people’s surprise. He used to be an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump, but now, he may have gone left. 

As most Fox hosts and reporters are for Trump’s re-election in 2024, Doocy is now the unexpected voice of dissent. Notably, the Fox reporter has stood out recently for disapproving of the investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden. While other hosts like Sean Hannity called them “the Biden crime family,” Doocy disagreed.

He has also emphasized the significance of Trump’s many legal battles. On air, he has also talked well about Trump’s opposition, like Nikki Haley. Furthermore, Doocy’s bold statements seem to frequently spark hot on-screen debate at a time of day when television viewers are accustomed to light banter and soft segments.

As Fox is evident in their support for the Republican Party, it is pretty surprising for viewers to see Doocy going the opposite way. His co-hosts have also wondered what happened to him. 

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“What’s happened to you, Steve?” Hannity asked on a January broadcast. This was after Doocy cited an outlier poll showing Haley gaining on Trump in New Hampshire. “Are you moving to the left on me?” 

Doocy laughed but dodged the question. “I’m screen-left right now,” he joked. Surprisingly, many Fox watchdogs and critics have taken a liking to Doocy for his bold stances. For example, former CNN anchor and Fox watcher Brian Stelter told The Post, “Doocy’s trying to drag Fox one percent closer back to the center of reality.”

While Stelter believes that Doocy is “not going above and beyond” in challenging Republican talking points, he also thinks it’s more than enough. “On ‘Fox & Friends,’ the bare minimum is a big deal.” A Fox News spokesperson issued a statement dismissing the watcher’s credibility shortly after.

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Doocy’s change in stance is so obvious that it has caught Trump’s attention. Back in 2019, Trump rated him 12 out of 10 for loyalty. However, the former president has noticed the switch since 2021. 

In an interview in September, Trump said Doocy has “always been so nice to me for years. I would say over the last year, I don’t know. He just seems to be not nice like he should be.” 

In January, he wrote a Truth Social post asking, “Whatever happened to that guy???” However, no one can tell what exactly caused Doocy to have a different opinion now. Could it be because the news host constantly said that Trump did not win the 2020 election? Or could it be because the former president has a lot of federal cases against him? 

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Doocy has also resisted Republican efforts to explain the four criminal indictments that Trump is facing. One of his lawyers, Alina Habba, was quite surprised when he pressed her to reveal the “inside information” she had to defend Trump. 

She began to answer, then said, “You used to love Trump,” she complained. Doocy simply smiled and said nothing, further proving that he was no longer backing the former president. 

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