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10 Celebrity Look-Alikes You Won’t Believe Aren’t Related

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From Zoey Deschanel, and Katy Perry, to Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood, celebrity look-alikes are fascination fans can’t get over.

It is safe to say that celebrities are used to being spotted in town and making it to news headlines during outings. But what happens when they don’t step out, and fans still spot them in public. Chances are that those are their celebrity look-alikes!

Stars like Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard, Zoey Deschanel, and Katy Perry have been faced with this dilemma a couple of times. Here’s a look through how these stars have reacted to the surprising phenomenon and other celebrities who are look-alikes. 

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1. Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood

Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood are Hollywood actors. The pair have striking features that are similar and often lead fans to mistake one for the other. The “Harry Potter” series star and “The Lord of The Rings” actor are blue-eyed, brown-haired, and short.

The duo once attested to this during an Empire magazine interview where they acknowledged their resemblance. Radcliffe also once shared that he had to sign an autograph for the Frodo actor while he was in Japan. And the eager fan did not realize he was not the “The Lord of the Rings” star. Radcliffe stated in the autograph that he was not Wood.

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2. John Stamos and Rob Lowe

John Stamos has made a name for himself on “Full House,”: “Fuller House” and “Big Shot,” while Rob Lowe has appeared in movies including “The Outsiders,’ “Youngblood,” and “9-1-1: Lone Star.” However, these two keep getting mixed up by fans. Stamos once cited an example of an awkward fan moment.

The TV icon recalled how he was on vacation and met a fan who thought he was Lowe. Samos stated that he jokingly asked the fan for his name, to which she answered, “Rob Lowe.” However, the “You” actor ended up agreeing with her.

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3. Mike Johnson and Kevin Mimms

Popularly known as Jake from State Farms, Kevin Mimms met his perfect doppelganger in “Bachelor Nation” star Mike Johnson. When Johnson shared a selfie of them on social media, his reality stars were stunned beyond words. Stars like Nick Vialla and Tyler Cameron wasted no time expressing shock. 

4. Chelsea Handler and Elizabeth Banks 

Handler is most prominent for being an A-list comedian, while Banks is famous for her roles in “The Hunger Games,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “Spider Man.” Yet, these two have not been spared from being taken for the other person. 

Banks and Handler are celebrity look-alikes down to their blonde tresses, and they do not mind being each other’s doppelgängers. Banks once shared that she did not mind being called Handler. 

She told Fox News: “I don’t mind being compared to Chelsea Handler at all. It helps when someone says, ‘Oh, you’re Chelsea Handler,’ and I say, ‘Yes I am. We met at a party and were both aware people compared or confused us. She’s a great broad, real wit.”

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5. Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard

They both starred in 2011’s “The Help,” and fans wondered if by any chance they were blood relations. It turns out these two are just celebrity look-alikes, and they are very much aware of it. Jessica Chastain has joked a few times about how she was mistaken for Bryce Dallas Howard.

Chastain recalled how they reacted to seeing each other the first time they met on “The Help”: “The first time we met, we went to the table read [for The Help] and looked at each other, because we both get it all the time, and we grabbed each other’s hands and said, ‘Let’s go to the mirror,'” And we went to the mirror and looked at our faces and went, ‘Yeah, we look exactly alike.'”

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6. Katy Perry and Zoey Deschanel 

Perry and Deschanel are well aware that they are absolute twinnies. From the brunette curls, blue eyes, and similar smiles, it’s unmistakable that the stars have a lot in common physically. 

Perry even showed this off in the music video of her song, “Not The End Of The World.” In the video, Deschanel was accidentally abducted by aliens who mistook her for the “Darkhorse” crooner. 

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7. Carla Bruni and Bella Hadid 

Both are known in the same industry being supermodels, but Bella Hadid and Carla Brininare continents apart. However, this did not stop fans from noticing the uncanny resemblance in their defined cheekbones and piercing gazes. The stars have also acknowledged their similarities as Bruni took to her Instagram page posting a photo of them. 

8. Courtney Cox and Demi Moore

Movie stars Demi Moore and Courtney do know that they are celebrity look-alikes, and they have shown it off on social media. Once on her Instagram page, Moore shared a photo of her and her brunette look-alike while asking fans, “who’s who.”

The duo rocked their raven tresses in spiraling curls while rocking dark-framed clear glasses. Cox commented on the post, noting that she has another photo showing their striking resemblance. 

9. Amal Clooney and Anne Hathaway

Goerge Clooney’s wife Amal Clooney looks so much like Hollywood’s Anne Hathaway. From being doe-eyed, full-lipped to rocking brunette curls, the celebrity look-alikes could pass for each other. 

Once speaking about Clooney, Hathaway gushed about the attorney’s accomplishments. “The Devil Wears Prada” actress noted that she hoped to “become half the woman that she is.” 

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10. Zach Braff and Dax Shepherd

“Scrubs” star Zach Braff once posted a face swap image of himself and podcast host Dax Shepard, and fans had a hard time telling them apart. Shepard’s wife Kristen Bell was the one who made the goofy face swap, and Braff promised to put it on a shirt. 

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