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Get Creative: Ten Romantic Gift Items To Sweep Her Off Her Feet That Aren’t Flowers And Chocolates

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Women are not so difficult to please when it comes to choosing the right present. What matters is putting some thoughts into it when picking out the ideal gift for her that screams romance.

Do you have the dilemma of deciding the right present to buy for a loved one? We’ve all been there. While there’s no one-fits-all gift to give a significant other, deciding to take the romantic route would certainly score you some points.

And nothing screams romance more than beautiful bouquets and a tempting pack of chocolate bars right? Well wrong. If those extra points really mean a lot to you, it’s time to ditch the idea that the cliché romantic gifts are the way to a woman’s heart.

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Instead, try something that appeals to her on a personal note or at the very least, has some significance to your romantic history. Such gifts are not only thoughtful but also pass on the message, “I love you and care enough to put in the extra creative effort just to make you happy.”

Romantic gifts for her | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

While trying this though, it helps to bear in mind that the item is something she truly wants for real. Avoid the temptation of purchasing functional household items like fancy cookware or a fancy bedsheet, just because she is a wife unless she specifically requests it.

Let’s face it, even wives and moms have personal cravings too that don’t necessarily have to fulfill the desires of the rest of the family. That said, here are ten romantic gift items that would sweep her off her feet.

1. Heart-Shaped Eco-Friendly Body Sampler

Thinking of the best gift for her this Valentine’s Day, or the perfect anniversary or birthday present. Then a set of eco-friendly body samplers is just right for her.

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This set from Ethique comes complete with deodorant, body scrub, body lotion, and two wash bars. The heart shapes make the gift more romantic and would certainly sweep her off her feet. 

It also helps if you know her brand. That way, she’d be happier to have them refilled, knowing you care about her beauty routine. Every woman loves some body pampering!

Body sampler set | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

2. Aromatherapeutic Renewing Rose And Massage Oil

For just $68, you could change her world forever, making it more peaceful. This blend of rose-scented massage oil from Aromatherapy Associates would do the trick.

It is a blend of rose, coconut, sandalwood, and neroli oils which smells luxurious and has a warm, calming effect. Romance and roses go together after all. She’d surely thank you for it.

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Renewing rose and massage oil | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

3. Heat Sense Foot And Pedicure Spa

A good pedicure? Yes, please. Save your significant other that time at the spa and the extra cost by getting her a foot bath. That way, she could enjoy her relished pedicure session right from the comfort of her home.

What’s more, the footbath also offers heated bubble massage which purifies the feet while relieving the pent-up stress. Now that’s some feet pampering!

Foot and pedicure spa | Image: Pinterest
Foot and pedicure spa | Image: Pinterest

4. Washable Silk High Rise Pajamas Set

While lingerie seems like the obvious romantic gift, the most often overlooked bathrobe or silk pajamas hits the same way. Even better.

Most women would rather shop for those lingerie themselves, but would never say so because they’re being polite. However having their other half deviate from the lingerie cliché without losing the very personal, yet romantic touch would certainly blow their mind.

Nothing does that better than luxurious silk pajamas and a flowing bathrobe in her favorite color.

washable ssilk high-rise pajamas set | Image: Pinterest
washable ssilk high-rise pajamas set | Image: Pinterest

5. Customized Fingerprint Necklace

Jewelry ranks among the best romantic gifts for a significant other, and the reason is not far-fetched. However, adding a personal touch to the conventional gold, silver, sapphire, ruby, or diamond pendant makes it magical.

Hence, a heart-shaped fingerprint necklace is perfect for any occasion. Just purchase one bearing her favorite stone, and customize it by imprinting your fingerprint on one side, while the other side bears a handwritten message of love from you.

Fingerprint necklace | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

6. Make-Your-Own Chocolate Truffle Kit

Yeah yeah… women love chocolates and would appreciate one for a romantic occasion. However, getting her a gift that guarantees an endless supply of homemade chocolates for a lifetime would certainly melt her heart.

The Make-your-own chocolate truffles kit is designed to do just that and is ideal for a couple bonding session. The device lays the foundation for dark chocolate truffles, availing her the freedom of deciding what toppings or flavor to throw in.

Perhaps the old saying holds true: Give a girl a chocolate bar, and you’ll feed her for a day. Show her how to make them and you’ve won her over… Or was it fish?

Make your own chocolate truffle kit | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

7. Personalized Art

A statement art would sweep any woman off her feet, especially if she is a lover of artworks. A personalized piece, bearing her portrait, a cherished anniversary date, a couple painting, or a significant location like where your first met would do the trick.

Just make sure it is mounted in a stylish frame that looks good in her living room or office. She’d certainly want the world to see it while keeping it close at all times.

Personalized art | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

8. Personalized Perfume Gift Box

Smelling good is a full-time job and the classy lady knows that. This is why she invests so much into luxurious perfume brands despite having a stash of unexhausted bottles lined up on her dressing table.

Hence, you could never go wrong with opting for perfume, whether as a Valentine Day’s gift, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because it’s Wednesday. Take the thrill a notch further by personalizing the bottle, either by mixing in her favorite essential oils or inscribing her name or a sweet message in the bottle.

Personalized perfume gift box | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

9. A Weekend Get-Away

Taking some time away from the daunting everyday schedule is a priceless gift anyone would appreciate. Hence, for your next Valentine’s Day together, offer her return tickets and an all-expense-paid trip to any romantic destination of her choosing that’s within your budget.

A trip to Paris, a weekend of adventures in adrenaline-pumping locations or just a retreat to a serene center are all great options. Spice it up by making it a romantic getaway for two. This could renew your love life in more ways than one. It works!

Weekend getaway | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

10. Legacy Knee-High 75

Every lady loves her shoes, and there’s nothing more thoughtful than getting her a pair that is both sleek, chic, and comfortable. 

The legacy Knee-High 75 from Tamar Melon is all that and more. The beauty of shoe shopping is that there is a variety in the market, which could be personalized by simply opting for a preferred brand, color, size, or structure.

It doesn’t get more elaborate than that. It is also the ideal go-to romantic gift for last-minute shopping and suits all occasions.

Legacy Knee high | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Your partner certainly deserves the best of everything. Hence, following this guide to ten of the most romantic gifts you could surprise her with is the right way to go to give her a magical experience no matter the occasion.

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