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Zuri Kye Edwards: He Is Patti LaBelle’s Greatest Achievement

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Zuri Kye Edwards is the only biological child of his famous parents. His father is Armstead Edwards, and his mom is the soul legend Patti LaBelle.

LaBelle is an R&B crooner with a successful career that has lasted decades and is still counting. Since becoming a singer, LaBelle has given her fans hits back-to-back, but when asked what the best thing she has ever done is, the doting mom wastes no time answering — giving birth. 

The talented woman is a proud mother of five kids, including Zuri Kye Edwards. Keep reading to learn more about him. 

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Zuri Kye Edwards with his mom and wife
Zuri Kye Edwards with his mom and wife. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Zuri Kye Edwards? 

Zuri Kye Edwards is Patti LaBelle’s only biological child. She welcomed him with her ex-husband, Armstead Edwards. When she decided to have Zuri, LaBelle was getting close to 30. Understandably, she was worried about having complications at her age. 

On the delivery day, she became even more worried as she realized most of the women in the ward with her were all younger. Deep within herself, she wondered if she would ever leave the hospital on her two feet after the delivery.

LaBelle did have cold feet, but in the end, she realized she would do it again if it meant welcoming her son all over again. 

In an interview, she said: “The memory of having my son was amazing. I was the oldest lady in the maternity ward! The girls were teenagers, and I was 29. I said, ‘Lord, will I ever walk again?’ It was a scary moment, giving birth, but such a wonderful outcome.”

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Zuri Kye Edwards’s Parents 

Patti LaBelle welcomed Zuri with her then-husband Armstead Edwards. According to some sources, his mother proposed to his father. 

Armstead had proposed to her several times before then, but she had repeatedly turned him down. She was from a broken home and fought a lot with Armstead, so she feared something would happen if they got married.

The pair went their separate ways after three decades of marriage. According to her, they separated after realizing they could no longer live under one roof.  

How Many Biological Kids Does Patti LaBelle Have?

Patti LaBelle has welcomed only one biological child in her life. His name is Zuri Kye Edwards, and he is the product of her marriage to Armstead Edwards. 

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Zuri was born on July 17, 1973, in the United States. He is now married to Lona Edwards, and they share three children.

How Many Kids Did Patti LaBelle Adopt? 

At the time of this writing, Patti LaBelle had adopted four kids. They include Dodd Stocker-Edwards, Stanley Stocker-Edwards, William Holte, and Stayce Holte.

LaBelle adopted Dodd and Stanley while she was with her first husband. She later adopted her nephew William Holte after his mother, her sister, passed away after a battle with cancer.

Stayce Holte is also related to LaBelle. She was first her niece before she became her adopted daughter.

Patti LaBelle. (Source: Pinterest)

What Does Patti LaBelle’s Son, Zuri Kye Edwards, Do? 

Zuri Kye Edward is the Director of Event Services at Events by Zuri, LLC in Pooler, Georgia, United States. He is better known on the Hollywood circuit as the manager of Patti LaBelle, a role that has them clashing sometimes. 

LaBelle has admitted that Zuri can be a little tough to work for, but regardless of their fights, she knows he always looks out for her best interests.

LaBelle said: “Sometimes he hurts me because he’s so honest, and we fight – but that’s healthy. At the end of the day, I realize he gives me the best advice ever. He is so honest, and he is never going to lead me wrong because he is my baby.”

How Old Is Zuri Kye Edwards? 

As of September 2023, Zuri Kye Edwards is 50 years old. He celebrated his 50th birthday in July. 

Zuri Kye Edwards and his mum. (Source: Pinterest)

Is Zuri Kye Edwards Married? 

Yes, Zuri Kye Edwards is indeed married. He is currently married to Lona Edwards, and they have three kids together: Gia, Leyla, and Zuri Jr. 

Like his mom, Zuri is also huge on parenting and family life. However, little is known about his kids because he prefers a private life. Other famous stars who cherish their privacy include Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ashton Kutcher

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