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Amarah Dean: Everything We Know About Alex Martin’s Daughter

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Amarah Dean is the celebrity child of Alex Martin and granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg. Here’s everything we know about her.

Amarah Dean comes from a family of entertainers, as her mother, stepfather, and grandmother are famously known for their careers in the film industry. Keep reading to learn more about her. 

Who Is Amarah Dean?

Amarah Dean was born on November 13, 1989, in the US to Alex Martin and a half-Vietnamese, half-black man only referred to as HJ. Her parents had a fling in high school, which resulted in Alex getting pregnant and giving birth to her daughter at 16.

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HJ was absent in most of Amarah’s early years and eventually went to prison, leading to the family abandoning him. Alex raised Amarah as a single parent with the help of her mother. 

Amarah Dean
Amarah Dean. (Source: Instagram/Amaraskye)

Her mother, Alex, is a famous Hollywood actress, and her stepfather, Gary Bernard Dean, is an American film producer and businessman. Alex is also the daughter of the legendary actress and EGOT status achiever Whoopi Goldberg.

This makes Amarah not only famous as a celebrity kid but also as a celebrity granddaughter. Amarah’s educational background is unknown, but she is reportedly well-educated and attended private schools growing up.

Amarah Dean’s Siblings

Amarah was her mother’s only child for several years because she was born from a teenage pregnancy. Alex picked herself up, did quite well for herself, and established her career as an actress for years.

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Amarah, Her Mother and siblings
Amarah, Her Mother, and Her Siblings. (Source: Instagram/Amaraskye)

She married Gary, and the couple welcomed two beautiful children, Mason and Jerzy. Amarah was legally adopted by her stepfather and changed her last name to Dean shortly after. 

Amarah Dean’s Parents

Amarah’s mother got married to Gary, but their marriage has not been an easy one. The couple, whose initial marriage date is unknown, had an off-and-on marriage, which led to a divorce. However, they got remarried in January in 2011 in a private ceremony, and they are still together today. 

Amarah and Her Mother
Amarah and Her Mother, Alex Martin. (Source: Instagram/Amaraskye)

Amarah Dean’s Marriage and Child 

Amarah’s private life is confidential; the world only knows what she wants us to know. She married a man known as Chris in a highly private ceremony in 2013. Just a year later, Amarah gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Charlie Rose.

After the birth of her daughter, a couple of rumors made headlines, stating that Amarah did not know who her child was for. This led to Amarah breaking her usual silence and saying her husband’s name for the world to know. Many reports say Amarah also stays home, often choosing to spend time with her child and husband. 

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Amarah Dean’s Career

Contrary to what people expected, Amarah did not exactly follow her family members’ footsteps in the entertainment industry. Instead, she carved her path as a visual artist, making lovely and creative pieces.

In 2022, Amarah competed in the pilot season of a new game show, “Claim to Fame.” There, she competed against 11 lesser-known celebrity relatives to win a $100,000 prize.

The competitors lived together in a house with clues everywhere, including a Clue Wall with images and 3D objects that could help the contestants decipher who is who. Amarah did not win but recounts the experience as a fun one she would not forget in a hurry. 

Amarah Dean’s Net Worth

Since Amarah’s professional salary as an artist is unknown, it is difficult to estimate her net worth accurately. Some reports say she is worth about $3 million, while some say she is worth $1 million. Despite her financial status, Amarah’s celebrity family members have high net worths.

Her grandmother is worth $60 million, and her mother is worth about $4 million. Her father, Gary, is also worth $1 million. With the wealth her family has combined, it is sure that Amarah lives a very comfortable life. 

Amarah Dean’s Instagram 

Amarah goes by the name Amara Skye on Instagram. She shares moments of her life,  friends, and family on her page. The celebrity’s child frequently shares updates about her career as a visual artist, often accompanied by photos or videos showcasing her creative process.

Amarah Dean and Whoopi Goldberg
Amarah Dean and her Grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg. (Source: Instagram/Amaraskye)

Even though she is active on social media, Amarah keeps most of her private life away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. It is clear that Amarah enjoys a quiet life and prefers to keep it that way. She is only famous due to her family members, who are constantly in the spotlight. 

Fun fact: Amarah and her grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg, have the same birthday on November 13!

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