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Ysabel Jordan Flies Under The Radar: Here’s What We Know About Her

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Little is known about Ysabel Jordan, Michael Jordan’s twin daughter. She mostly flies under the radar; however, that’s just the way she likes it.

Ysabel Jordan is one of the five kids whom famous NBA star Michael Jordan is proud to call father. The retired player is quite big on privacy, so it comes as no surprise that he decided to raise his kids away from the glare of the spotlights. 

Ysabel Jordan was born on February 9, 2014, to Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto, but she did not come alone. With her was another girl, a twin of the iconic former player and his wife named Victoria. 

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Given whom they were born to, Ysabel and Victoria were famous from conception; however, now that they are older, the pair continue to live away from the spotlight just like they did as kids. 

Who Is Ysabel Jordan?

Ysabel Jordan is one-half of the apple of Michael Jordan’s brown eyes. Her twin, Victoria Jordan, is the other half. 

Right from birth, Micheal was very protective of his daughters. He minimized the public’s exposure to them and has gone above and beyond to keep them safe.

Ysabel is all grown up now, and her doting parents continue to watch over them, protecting them as much as they can. Perhaps this is why the pair don’t share a lot about Ysabel and her twin, Victoria. 

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They say nothing about how much the girls have grown, what they look like these days, or what they are up to career-wise and otherwise. In fact, none of Ysabel and Victoria’s siblings share details of them on social media. 

This is not shocking, as social media can be quite overwhelming sometimes, especially for celebrity kids. 

Who Are Ysabel Jordan’s Parents? 

Ysabel Jordan was born to two stars, Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto. One is a legend in the history of the NBA, and the other is one of the most talented models that has ever walked any runway. 

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto
Image: Twitter

Prieto started her working career as a manager at an LLC known as Beet the LBS then she moved on. After that, she worked in the property management firm Aqua Management before eventually going for modeling.  

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Ysabel Jordan’s parents, Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto, got married in 2013 after getting to know each other for nearly five years. Michael allegedly asked her to marry him over the 2011 Christmas weekend, and she said yes. 

The pair celebrated their engagement in splendor. The ceremony went down on a private yacht on the French Riviera and was followed by an extravagant wedding.  

The wedding ceremony was held at The Church of Bethesda-By-The Sea and was attended by a number of famous faces. It was Micheal’s second marriage; the NBA legend was in his fifties while his wife had been in her mid-thirties. 

They confirmed that Prieto was pregnant in November 2013; however, they never stated that they would be welcoming twins. Imagine how shocked their fans were when they realized there were not one but two identical girls.  

They welcomed Ysabel and her twin Victoria in West Palm Beach and expressed joy at their arrival. It was clear from the beginning that Ysabel and Victoria were loved, and the sentiment has remained the same. 

How Ysabel Jordan’s Parents Met 

Ysabel’s parents ran into each other at a club in 2008, and there was instant chemistry between them. The former model and Michael dated for some years before they got married in Palm Beach, Florida. 

The wedding ceremony was meticulously planned. There were exactly 300 guests invited to witness the marriage, and it was held at the same church that officiated Former POTUS Donald Trump’s wedding to Melanie Trump. 

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto Wedding
Image: Twitter

The reception was held at the Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida. It took place in a large tent decorated with all kinds of flowers, tonnes of candles, and crystal candelabras. 

There were no gifts accepted by Michael and Prieto. Instead, they urged people to make donations to the NBA legend’s foundation and gave the floral arrangements away to Jupiter Medical Center. 

Ysabel Jordan’s Other Siblings 

Victoria Jordan is not the only sibling Ysabel has. She also has two step-brothers, Jeffrey and Marcus, and a half-sister, Jasmine, via Michael’s first marriage to Juanita Vanoy. 

Jeffrey grew up to follow in his father’s footsteps like many other celebrity kids do. He became a basketball player for some time but later switched to business. He founded the Jordan Avakian Group in 2020. 

Marcus also chose to become a basketball player and is now the current owner of The Trophy Room, a retail boutique. In 2019, Ysabel’s half-sister Jasmine became the first of Michael’s kids to welcome a child. 

The legend was overjoyed at the concept of becoming a granddad, and he insisted on the child calling him “Mike” or “Michael,” but Jasmine gracefully declined. 

Like Ysabel, Jasmine also prefers to keep a low profile. Although there is very little information about Ysabel Jordan, it is clear that she is well taken care of and loved by her family.

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