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HomeNews“Yellowstone” Creator Criticizes Liberal Ideologies for Vilifying Work Ethics and Masculinity

“Yellowstone” Creator Criticizes Liberal Ideologies for Vilifying Work Ethics and Masculinity

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“Yellowstone” Creator Criticizes Liberal Ideologies for Vilifying Work Ethics and Masculinity
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Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the “Yellowstone” series, spoke with podcaster Joe Rohan about some liberal ideologies. According to the filmmaker, social activists have polarized the country by vilifying qualities like work ethic and masculinity. 

To buttress his point, he referenced the famous poem titled “If I were the Devil.” Paul Harvey, a national radio commentator, wrote this poem, which was quite popular in the mid-1960s. In the piece, Harvey describes how the biblical figure Satan would go about corrupting the world by subverting the culture of the United States. 

However, it ends with a twist, showing that those trends were already present. People often praise the brilliantly written poem for observing the social trends of the decade in a way many didn’t.

“Wow, April 3rd, 1965. Paul Harvey nailed it. Wow.” Rogan said after listening to the poem. “You can use the Devil as a euphemism for anything that you want, but the result is the same. We’re seeing it.”

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Sheridan also spoke about how this forms the ideology that “‘all these things are bad,’ ‘work ethic,’ all these things are ‘racist.’” The issue of toxic masculinity over the last couple of years also came up, and Rohan asked Sheridan if he had ever experienced such. 

“Oh yeah, I’ve been accused of that,” Sheridan replied. “Congratulations, you’re on the right side,” Rogan said and laughed. “‘Defund the police,’ ‘toxic masculinity,’ they’re all sort of in the same category of things. Seems silly to think that way,” he said. 

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To Rogan, society is branding masculinity as “toxic” when it is only the natural male way. “You need all of it,” Rogan continued. “You need masculinity and femininity” and went on to say that “natural masculine behavior” is required for activities like professional football, slamming the idea that masculinity is “toxic.”

Sheridan quickly agreed, saying that society only created these terms to cause disagreements. “These are all terms that have been created. It’s fascinating that language is being reinvented before our eyes. There’s all these new words that are just meant to keep one person from disagreeing with another person’s position,” he said. 

Furthermore, he explained his views with an excerpt from a book noting “the fundamental difference between liberalism and conservatism.” He also mentioned that these ideologies will only worsen, creating a significant divide among people.

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“Essentially, it’s stated that the liberal point of view was that crime and all these social ills are a social construct and that if you could find a way to level the playing field for everybody, crime would be eliminated, all these issues would go away, poverty would go away, all of the social ills that we have would disappear if everyone had the same opportunities and the same stuff,” he said.

Sheridan concluded that there is both good and evil in the world, and everyone needs to understand that. “One side seems naive, one side seems extremely harsh, but those are the beliefs, and that side can never compromise with this side and vice versa because you’re abandoning your own ideology,” he said.

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