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Why Did Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay Break Up?

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Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay called off their engagement after barely two years together, leaving many wondering the reason behind their break up and if they did so amicably.

Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey recently granted an interview, which easily passes for one of the most revealing for the usually tight-lipped star.

During the interview, she touched on several aspects of her life, including her experiences as a celebrity, her style evolution, fitness routines, and how she deals with hilarious internet memes about her.

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Memphis Depay and Lori Harvey | Image: Pinterest
Memphis Depay and Lori Harvey | Image: Pinterest

She also reflected on her experience at her first Met Gala red carpet in 2017. While the fond throwback to her Met Gala debut brings smiles to our faces considering how far she has come since then, the star noticeably failed to address another important event from 2017: Her break up with Memphis Depay.

Since the exes quietly parted ways and moved on to new flames, the question on every fan’s lips has remained: Why Did Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay break up?

Why Did Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay Break Up?

The reason behind the break-up of the once-beloved couple remains vague, as neither has explicitly addressed the shocker or why it happened.

News of their split first surfaced in 2018 after Lori appeared in public without her engagement ring. Soon after, they each stopped posting about each other on social media, serving as the final confirmation of their breakup.

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 Lori Harvey | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Depay and Harvey eventually made it official by moving on to new partners despite never making any announcement signifying the end of their romance.

While the reasons remain unclear, they seem to have no bad blood between them. This at the very least confirms they parted ways on a good note.

When Did Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay Start  Dating?

Harvey and Depay began dating in January 2016, following their meeting months prior. The two reportedly ran into each other at a beach in 2015.

Perhaps mesmerized by her beauty, the Dutch professional footballer got her phone number. However, Harvey, whose mom previously warned her against dating athletes and rappers, ignored him for the longest time.

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Remaining undeterred, Depay finally won her over, and the duo kicked off their relationship. Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay stayed together until their breakup in January 2018.

Were Lori Harvey And Memphis Depay Engaged?

Memphis Depay proposed to Harvey in June 2017, seventeen months into their relationship. The then-21-year-old said yes, all too excited to announce the big news to the world.

However, the announcement was met with mixed reactions. While some congratulated the newly engaged couple, sharing in their happiness, others castigated their decision to take things further at such young ages.

Lori stepped up to defend her “man” while gushing about her love for him and how they were made for each other.

Memphis Depay and Lori Harvey | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Steve Harvey took to Twitter at the time to gush about his daughter’s engagement and how proud he was of his little girl. For the first time since their relationship commenced, the comedian openly described Memphis as “a good one,” confirming the young lovers finally had his blessing.

With approval from Harvey’s parents and their love growing by the day, Depay and Harvey seemed destined for the altar. Hence, when things took a downward spiral, no one saw it coming.

What Steve Harvey Thought About Their Relationship

For those still wondering, “why did Lori Harvey and Memphis Depay break up?”, perhaps a look into the former couple’s dynamics with their parents might be a pointer.

It is believed that Steve Harvey was never thrilled with his daughter’s decision to date the Barcelona football player. The TV host once admitted on his show that he never felt sure about Depay’s character.

He even had Depay followed at the beginning of their romance to ensure he had no ill intentions towards Lori. In fact, his disapproval of the athlete led to some differences with his daughter.

At one point, the actor barred the model from traveling to England to watch Depay play. She defied him, and made the trip anyway, making Steve Harvey realize he could do little to stop his daughter from dating those he did not approve of.

To date, many believe the “Family Feud” star’s rusty relationship with Depay as a possible reason for Lori Harvey and Depay’s split.

Who Else Has Lori Harvey Dated?

Following her breakup with Depay, Harvey became linked to Justin Combs, Sean “Diddy” Combs’ son. Although neither confirmed the relationship, they were spotted out and about on occasions.

Their romance ended months later. Harvey moved on to American rapper and actor Trey Songz in late 2018. Their relationship ended after a few months.

Harvey reportedly dates rapper Diddy Combs, 27 years her senior, in 2019. Photos of the pair enjoying romantic getaways at mind-blowing locations surfaced throughout their dating phase. Being her long-time family friend, and father of her ex-boyfriend Justin did not seem to deter the then-22-year-old.

When their romance ended, Harvey ventured into another scandalous relationship with Future, whom she was first linked to in 2018. Future and Lori Harvey made things Instagram-official following her 24th birthday celebration. However, like her previous relationships, theirs too ended.

The 25-year-old’s dating history has stirred controversy over the years due to the endless list of men she’s been linked to. This controversy turned even uglier when rapper Bossie Badazz labeled Lori Harvey as “damaged goods” because of her body count.

He could not have been more wrong though, given how swiftly she found love again, this time, with actor Michael B. Jordan. She seems to be doing well since moving on with Michael Jordan, the former People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Luckily, this time, she has her dad’s blessings, with the comedian admitting the “Creed” actor won him over with his kindness and realness the first time they met.

Here’s to hoping Steve’s perception of Jordan, and his decision to finally embrace his daughter’s romance is a good sign of more good tidings for the couple.

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