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Here’s What Issa Rae Has Been Up to Since Her Weight Loss

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Years back, Issa Rae experienced a remarkable weight loss, becoming the ideal definition of body goals. Since then, the actress has continued making her mark in the industry via numerous ventures.

Issa Rae found herself the center of major headlines following a video of her sporting a supposed tummy bulge in March 2022.

The actress was forced to debunk these speculations, urging netizens to let her “eat, drink and be merry” without judgment. While she successfully put the rumors to rest, many can’t help but wonder if the 37-year-old was on the verge of adding weight again.

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Given how much effort Issa Rae put into maintaining her figure since embarking on a weight loss journey, a relapse could hardly be the case. In fact, a pregnancy seems more likely for the star, who tied the knot months prior.

With little to hold on to though, perhaps taking a dive into Issa Rae’s life since she lost weight could offer some pointers and possibly, proffer answers.

What Has Issa Rae Been Up To Since Her Weight Loss?

Issa Rae’s weight loss was first observed during her time on the first season of “Insecure,” between 2016 and 2017. While she never really became overweight, fans couldn’t but notice how much she slimmed down.

She would later admit to losing weight through her conscious decision to exercise and follow a paleo diet. Since then, the icon has kept up her exercise and diet routines, maintaining her remarkable transformation.

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She has also starred in more movies, established a handful of businesses, and lent her voice to several causes uplifting the black community.

Rae Kept Up Her Acting Career

Since embarking on her journey to lose weight, Issa Rae has become a highly sought-after actress thanks to her role in “Insecure.”

She starred in four more seasons of the show, with its fifth and final season released in December 2021. Rae is credited with co-writing and co-creating the American comedy-drama based on her YouTube series, “The Mis-Adventures Of Awkward Back Girl.”

The star, who played the lead character of Issa Dee, continued landing roles in several films and TV shows. Some of her most notable works so far include “The Hate You Gave,” “Little,” “The Photograph,” and “The Lovebirds.”

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Additionally, she snagged voice acting roles in the Oscar-winning short film “Hair Love,” and as Spider-woman in the upcoming “Spiderman: Across The Spider-Verse.”

Issa Rae in "Insecure" | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Issa Rae Established A Coffee Shop in South LA

Although she attributed her previous weight gain to “new money,” Rae was never one to shy away from making more money. Hence, the moment she saw an opportunity in her childhood neighborhood of Inglewood, she took it.

In her effort to keep the South LA black community thriving, she became a co-owner of the Inglewood location of Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen. The high-end coffee shop is a fulfillment of Rae’s longtime dream of having one in her neighborhood.

To her, coffee shops facilitate productivity and collaboration. Admittedly, the actress and writer has come up with some of her best ideas and does all her writing in coffee shops.

She Is An Active Proponent Of Destination Crenshaw

Aside from revitalizing the South LA black community, Rae also became an active proponent of Destination Crenshaw. The project represents a 1.3-mile-long open-air public space that celebrates art and culture in the black community.

It was developed as part of the new Metro Expansion to Los Angeles International Airport. It would include several details celebrating black history including public parks, commissioned artworks, and a walkway.

Rae Became An Additional Voice On Google Assistant

Issa Rae | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

In 2019, Issa Rae became a voice option on Google Assistant, allowing users to set the application to speak in her voice.

Google made the announcement in October that year. To utilize the option, users could simply prompt Google assistant, saying “OK Google, talk like Issa.”

The voice remained available on Google Assistant until October 2021.

She Launched Two Companies

In 2019, years after her weight loss, Issa Rae took her pursuits a notch further by launching her own record label called Raedio. Soon after, the label partnered with Atlantic Records to produce the song “Kinda Love,” by singer-rapper TeaMarrr.

Barely a year later, Rae added another profitable venture to her collection, debuting her production company under the name, Hoorae.

The company, formed in September 2020, was initially known as Issa Rae Production. It encompasses all of Rae’s film, television, and digital content companies. In 2021, the company signed a five-year film and television deal with WarnerMedia.

Issa Rae Walked Down the Aisle

After 37 years on earth, a decade in showbiz, an astonishing self-discovery phase, and several career ventures up her sleeves, Rae finally found herself a love match.

She tied the knot with longtime partner Louis Diame, a Senegalese businessman. The couple exchanged vows in July 2021, in a private ceremony.

Issa Rae and Louin Diame | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The wedding took place at a breath-taking location in France, witnessed by her closest pals and family. She only announced the big news days later, sharing pictures from the event alongside a hilarious caption.

She Certainly Made Her Mark

During her post-weight-loss period, Issa Rae truly discovered herself and strived to fulfill her biggest dreams. Her effort so far is evidenced in the numerous awards and recognitions she has snagged in the last decade.

Additionally, Rae’s journey has opened doors for more people of color. Her show, “Insecure,” has especially changed the world in some way by creating awareness about the black community in South Los Angeles, while promoting black businesses.

So far, she has utilized her platform to support women’s rights, and advocate for civil rights. She has also raised awareness about police brutality against African-Americans.

Her motivation? The zeal to give back to the black community and root for everybody black. In fact, her admission at the 69th Emmy Awards red carpet inspired the popular t-shirt meme, “I’m rooting for everybody black.”

Rae once admitted to being frequently inspired by the Tupac quote, “I’m not saying I’m going to change the world. But I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.”

Issa Rae certainly is doing a good job at that, from her determination to go through her weight loss process to her ability to keep her head up in the rough world of showbiz.

Whether or not the actress is pregnant, one thing is certain: Rae has definitely earned it, and everything else that brings her joy. After all, she spent the past years since losing weight touching the lives of others through her works and activism.

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