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Here’s Why the AJR Hit Song ‘Woody Allen’ Aged Poorly

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Woody Allen attained so much success that his name became synonymous to “greatness,” the reference point in the AJR song of the same title.

AJR is an American indie pop band comprising the trio of multi-instrumentalist brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Metzger. Upon their rise to fame, the brothers adopted Met as their surname, which is a shortened version of Metzger.

Since breaking into the industry in 2005, the trio has released a handful of hits, some of which became chart-toppers. With successful songs like “Bang!” “Weak,” “Burn the House Down,” and “Sober Up,” these artists won the hearts of music lovers.

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Additionally, their musical style, which combines elements of pop, electronic, and dubstep, has come to be known as eclectic. Their debut studio album, “Living Room,” was released in 2015. It comprised several singles, including “I’m Ready,” “Infinity,” “Thirsty,” and “Woody Allen.”

Woody Allen singers, AJR | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

AJR released the latter, “Woody Allen,” in March 2014, referencing the infamous singer, filmmaker, director, and actor, “Woody Allen.” The song gained traction for a while due to its electrifying effect and the infectious energy surrounding the Met brothers.

The lines from the track “Now I’m starting to feel like Woody Allen” likened the Hollywood giant to “being on top of the world,” accomplished and happy. Alternatively, most interpretations liken it to “small but mighty,” a reference to the actor’s petite frame.

However, things soon took a downturn. Suddenly, the once iconic hit suddenly descended to the bottom of everyone’s playlist, almost spelling doom for AJR’s music career.

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Major music platforms even took down the song from their sites, forcing the trio to contemplate changing the lyrics at some point. What exactly happened to this promising song that got in the way of its swift rise to the spotlight, making it lost in the sands of time?

What Happened To The AJR Hit Woody Allen?

Shortly after AJR released the track Woody Allen, the actor found himself embroiled in allegations of sexual assault and pedophilia. Reports that he abused his adopted daughter as a child made headlines, fuelled by the discovery that he ended up marrying his stepdaughter after a scandalous legal battle.

With these controversial details from Allen’s personal life going public, many began to perceive him in a negative light. The lines from the track “Now I’m starting to feel like Woody Allen” ultimately took a life of its own.

AJR brothers and bandmates
Image: Pinterest

Many deemed it symbolic of being a predator or alleged abuser, “like Woody Allen.” Although the song was relatively decent, with the potential of becoming a world-class hit, the expression was perceived wrongly, ultimately becoming the downfall of the AJR jam.

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Did Woody Allen Marry His Adopted Daughter?

Woody Allen geared off his relationship with actress Mia Farrow in 1980. During their time together, the duo collaborated on at least thirteen films, solidifying them as a Hollywood power couple.

When their relationship first began, Farrow was a mom to seven children, including an adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, from a previous relationship. Allen and Farrow stayed together for over a decade, during which time they adopted one daughter, Dylan, and one son, Moses. They also welcomed one biological son, Satchel, together.

However, things went south for the couple in the early nineties. Their relationship ended after Farrow discovered nude photos of her adopted daughter, Previn, then 21, in his possession.

Rather than vindicate himself, Allen admitted the shots were taken two weeks after his first sexual encounter with Previn. In 1992, the actor publicly declared his love for Farrow’s adopted daughter, 35 years his junior. He also disclosed they were romantically involved.

Woody Allen and Soon Yi Previn
Image: Pinterest

Five years later, the twosome legalized their union, officially becoming a married couple, not minding the resulting negative publicity.

A Look At Woody Allen’s Sexual Assault Scandal

Aside from his controversial marriage to Previn, his third wife, Woody Allen, found himself nose-deep in another scandal involving another of his adopted daughters.

Shortly after his Previn scandal, the actor was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter, Dylan, who was only seven at the time.

Several sources claimed at the time that his “inappropriate” behavior around Dylan led to a rule in their home forbidding Allen from staying alone with his daughter at any point.

The star denied the allegations, insisting Farrow manipulated Dylan into accusing him as revenge for cheating with her adopted daughter.

After the Connecticut State Attorney conducted a series of investigations, they eventually dropped the charges due to lack of evidence. The Child Abuse Clinic of Yale deduced that Mia Farrow likely coached or influenced the abuse story.

New Claims Of Abuse

The case resurfaced about two decades later. Dylan recounted her horrific encounters with her adopted dad as a child in a 2014 article.

Woody Allen | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The article further threw light on the allegations, with a now-adult, Dylan claiming the abuse did happen. Yet, Allen has firmly stood his ground, denying the allegations that he molested his daughter.

Despite his claims of innocence, the allegations cut deep into Allen’s integrity and Hollywood standing as an exemplary figure. Calls for his cancellation reached dead ends as no evidence against the icon ever surfaced. But the damage to his reputation remained nonetheless.

Coincidentally, this second blow-up of the scandal, resulting from Dylan’s 2014 article, happened the same year AJR released “Woody Allen.” Hence, the song never got its chance to shine to its full potential, thanks to the negative media attention surrounding their idolized figure.

The song about the multi-talented entertainer wasn’t the only thing affected by Allen’s soiled reputation. Several actors, co-stars, and media houses have tried severing ties with him to avoid becoming a part of the scandal. Many have voiced how much they regret working with Woody Allen in a past movie, including his “To Rome With Love” co-star Ellen Page.

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