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Who Is the Biological Father of Elliot Kingsley?

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Elliot Kingsley is an English actor famously known as the son of English singer, songwriter, and TV personality, Ozzy Osbourne. Kingsley’s name does not appear in the mainstream media, but when people discovered his connection to Ozzy Osbourne, they had questions.

Ozzy Osbourne is famous as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. He is a successful singer and songwriter who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Ozzy does not parade his children in public. He keeps them away from the media.

Kingsley Elliot (Source: Twitter/@elljkingsley)

Is Ozzy Osbourne Elliot Kingsley’s Biological Father?

Ozzy Osbourne is an English singer, songwriter, and TV personality whose name has been making rounds in the media as the father of English actor Elliot Kingsley. However, contrary to what many believe, Ozzy is not Kingsley’s biological father.

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He adopted Kingsley as his son after he married his mother when he was only 5. As a result, the actor was his stepchild.

A picture of Elliot Kingsley’s stepfather, Ozzy Osbourne. (Source: Instagram @ozzyosbourne)

Ozzy admitted that he was not a great stepfather to Kingsley; he blamed his drug and alcohol use for his absence in Kingsley’s life. He added that his frequent tours with his band also cost him his marriage to the actor’s mother and contributed to his lack in his stepson’s life.

Who Is Elliot Kingley’s Mother?

Thelma Riley is Elliot Kingsley’s mother. She was a waitress at a nightclub in Birmingham where she and Ozzy met in 1971. The duo started dating in 1971 and got married a few months later.

Thelma Riley already had Kingsley for another man before marrying the singer. Riley quit her job as a waitress in the nightclub and worked as a teacher in a school in Leicestershire, England, after she became an educator.

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Who Is Elliot Kingsley’s Biological Father?

Elliot Kingsley’s biological father remains a mystery to fans; his identity was never made public. Even after Riley and Ozzy’s marriage ended, they did not reveal who Kingsley’s father was. The identity of the man who fathered him remains unknown to the public. “Is he a celebrity too?” “Is he an actor?” Fans keep asking questions about the man who fathered Kingsley, but his identity is a mystery.

Are Ozzy and Riley Still Married?

No. The marriage between Riley and Ozzy went on for a long while but ended when she asked for a divorce from the singer. They finalized their divorce in 1982, ending the eleven years of marriage.

Ozzy claims that getting married to Kingsley’s mother was a mistake he made in his youth in his book “I am Ozzy.” The multi-talented singer later admitted that his drug and alcohol use and frequent absence while touring with his band cost him his marriage.

Is Elliot Kingsley Married?

Elliot Kingsley is a celebrity who keeps his private life off social media. The theater actor is officially single. He once took to Twitter to post a picture indicating he had a “partner” in August 2020.

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He tweeted, “I’ve been awake for 15 minutes, and my partner has already shoved a Pyro into my ear.” There has been no information as regards the talented actor’s relationship status since then.

Elliot Kingsley’s picture that sparked dating rumors (Source: Twitter/@elljkingsley)

Does Elliot Kingsley Have Siblings?

Yes, the English actor has siblings. The marriage between his mother, Thelma Riley, and Ozzy Osbourne, his stepfather, led to two children. Ozzy and Riley had two children, Jessica Osbourne and Louis Osbourne. Kingsley became their step-sibling.

Whether Ozzy has a better relationship with Kingsley’s step-siblings is not public, but none appeared in Ozzy’s reality show “The Osbournes.” Only Jessica got a shout-out on the show, and it was because she had just given birth at the time, making Ozzy a grandfather.

Elliot Kingsley Is a Theater Actor

Kingsley did not follow in his stepfather’s footsteps; fans thought he would become a singer. He became a theater actor.

Elliot Kingsley might not have appeared in many blockbusters, but he has worked as a theater actor most of his life and has appeared in some notable movies, including “Romeo and Juliet.” He has portrayed several characters during his career as a theater actor. One of his most notable roles was when he played ‘Julius’ in “Romeo and Juliet.”

What Is Elliot Kingsley’s Net Worth?

Elliot Kingsley has made quite a name for himself as an actor in theater. He has an estimated net worth of $600,000 in 2022. As the adoptive son of Ozzy Osbourne, it is unknown whether he can claim a share of his stepfather’s wealth. Ozzy has an estimated net worth of $220 million as of 2022.

Kingsley is one of several celebrities who lived with their stepfather in their early years. Lori Harvey was raised and adopted by her stepfather, Steve Harvey, after he married her mother, Marjorie Harvey.

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