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Who Is Annabella Stoermer Coleman? Zendaya’s Older Sister’s Birth Mom Is a Mystery

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Annabella Stoermer Coleman, Zendaya’s sister, enjoys keeping a low profile like other members of her large family. 

Anabella stoermer coleman
Annabella Stoermer Coleman pictured outdoors (Source: Pinterest)

Zendaya once stated that most of her siblings don’t use social media like Instagram, which makes it harder to follow the lives they live. So, what made people curious about Annabella if she is not famous and has no social media presence?

Anabella became known because of her connection to Zendaya and the actress’s success. The higher Zendaya went, the more fans became curious about who she was, where she came from, and her siblings.

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Fortunately for the curious ones, Zendaya makes it no secret that she loves her family. She is fond of talking about them on and off social media and has a great relationship with them, including Anabella. 

What We Know About Annabella Stoermer Coleman

Anabella Stoermer Coleman is one of Zendaya’s older sisters. However, they only share a father and not a mother. Like many of Zendaya’s siblings, barely anything is known about Anabella except that she is not much older than the actress. 

Also, Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s exact age is unknown, but many think she is slightly older than Zendaya. Fans also know that the sisters share a close relationship, as they have been pictured happily together multiple times. Another thing fans don’t know is who Annabella’s mother is.

Her father married Zendaya’s mother, Claire Stoermer, and the star is their only biological child. However, before the actress’s mom, Zendaya’s father was involved with a mystery woman with whom he fathered her five older siblings. The woman’s name remains unknown, and the kids now share a great bond with their stepmother and Zendaya. 

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Who Are Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s Parents?

Annabella Stoermer Coleman and Zendaya share a father named Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. He is Zendaya’s manager and a former teacher. 

Zendaya as a child being carried by her father
Kazembe Coleman with one of his daughters (Source: Pinterest)

The father and daughter share a tight bond, and Zendaya has praised him for everything she learned and is still learning from him. Kazembe, who has Nigerian origins, is very protective of his daughters, especially regarding their relationships.

A good demonstration was how he reacted when reporters asked him about Zendaya “dating” Odell Beckham Jr. He said, “What relationship? There’s no relationship.… It’s like an audition. It’s an interview.”

Despite his strictness, Kazembe wants Zendaya, Annabella, and their siblings to be happy with their lives. It is a sentiment his ex-wife, Claire Stoermer, shares with him. Claire is the stepmother of Anabella and her other siblings, and they have a close relationship. But Zendaya is inarguably the closest to her.

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Who Is Claire Stoermer?

Claire is a former teacher who is super close to her only daughter, Zendaya. She is one of the most influential people in Zendaya’s life, and the star has praised her for instilling great values in her. 

Zendaya once revealed how her mother’s decision not to wear makeup impacted her life profoundly. She said

“My beauty icons are the women in my life. My mom didn’t wear makeup; I don’t think she knew that to me, it was empowering that she didn’t care.”

Claire also owns a handmade jewelry brand named Kizzmet, and Zendaya is often pictured rocking the brand. The pair are very close, and Claire has been known to join Zendaya for award ceremonies. The two always make a stunning duo. 

Claire and her daughter Zendaya
Claire and Zendaya posing together (Source: Pinterest)

Claire and Kazembe are no longer married but remain very close, and their family stands united no matter what.

Anabella’s Other Siblings

Annabella Stoermer Coleman has two brothers: Austin and Julien, and three sisters, Kayler, Katianna, and Zendaya.

The actress, who won an Emmy for her outstanding acting in “Euphoria” is known to post about her siblings on Instagram. In a 2015 interview, Zendaya revealed that her big sister is one of her biggest influences, even though she was vague about which one she meant. 

She said: “I look up to my big sister and realize her influence on me and making me a better person. Having such a big, grounded family, I realized as you get older how important that is.”

Zendaya also has a strong bond with her extended family. She is close to her nieces and nephews and often posts videos of herself playing with them on social media.

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