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Who Is Stelle Ciccone? Everything We Know About Madonna’s Adoptive Daughter From Malawi

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Even though adoption is common in the US, international adoption is a rarity as it is not a path many can comfortably trail. But the legendary pop singer Madonna did something extraordinary when she adopted Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister from Malawi.

Stelle Ciccone and twin sister, Estere. (Source: Instagram/@cicconetwins)

Who Is Stelle Ciccone?

Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister, Estere Ciccone were born on August 24, 2012. They were born to one Adam Mwale, a small-scale farmer in a small town in Malawi. After their mother passed away during childbirth, Stelle and her twin sister were placed in an orphanage. 

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However, Stelle is famous as the adopted daughter of the legendary pop star Madonna. Stelle, who currently lives in the US, was adopted by Madonna from Malawi in 2017 when she was just three years old.

Despite her young age, she is a beautiful girl who has demonstrated grace with her ability to capture people’s hearts with her beautiful smile. On the joint Instagram account, which she operates with her twin sister, they both showcase their beauty and share their journey through life with the world, from a small town in Malawi to bustling New York. They also capture interesting family moments.

Madonna Celebrates her father’s 90th birthday alongside her kids. (Source: Instagram/@Madonna)

Who Are Her Parents?

Stelle Ciccone’s biological father is Adam Mwale, but little is known about her mother, except that she died due to labor complications during childbirth. It was well reported that Adam did not have the financial capacity to look after them, prompting him to put them in an orphanage.

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Madonna met the twins in the orphanage through her foundation, which was working on raising Malawians from extreme poverty at that time. She adopted the twins in 2017 following a lengthy process finalized by a Malawian court.

Madonna (Source: Pinterest)

As such, Madonna Louise Ciccone is Stelle’s adoptive mother. Madonna is one of America’s most legendary musicians. She is also among America’s wealthiest celebrities, with an estimated net worth of $850 million. Madonna was not married to anyone in 2017 when she adopted the twins. Therefore, Stelle does not have an adoptive father.

Madonna graced the cover of People in 2017, offering an intimate glimpse into her domestic life with her children. She also shared the heartfelt story of her adoption journey. The pop queen said, “Sometimes I would just close my eyes and think, ‘Why isn’t my kitchen filled with dancing children?’ So many children need a home. I thought, what am I waiting for? Just do it.”

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People have different experiences adopting, but Madonna has described hers as excellent. While telling the instant connection, she felt with her kids upon meeting them, she said, “It’s inexplicable.”

Where Is Stelle Ciccone Now?

Currently, Stelle attends school and has not yet begun a career. Madonna once disclosed that her daughters are passionate about sports and enjoy playing soccer and tennis, like their adopted sibling, David Banda, who aspires to become a professional soccer player.  

Madonna’s daughters have blossomed as the years have passed, uncovering newfound passions and talents. Madonna proudly showcases Stelle’s remarkable piano skills; she and Estere are talented dancers.

Stelle and Estere Ciccone. (Source: Instagram/@cicconetwins)

How Did Madonna Adopt Stelle?

Madonna has a long-standing record of supporting the people and children of Malawi. In 2006 and 2009, she adopted two individuals, David Banda and Mercy James, from Malawi.

The journey to adopt Estere and Stelle faced challenges. Many Malawians were outraged by allegations that Madonna violated local adoption laws, prohibiting outsiders from adopting children and taking them out of the country.

During the court hearing, Madonna appeared alongside the twins’ biological father. The court decision hinged on ensuring the twins would have proper living conditions, and Madonna’s lawyer proved just that. So, the court found no valid reason to prevent her from adopting Estere and Stelle.

Stelle and her sister’s journey has taken them from an unknown town in Malawi to different parts of the world. They became celebrity kids by a stroke of luck and live a life that is the dream of young girls like them.

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