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Jessica Monty, Meet Actor Pablo Schreiber’s Ex-Wife

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Jessica Monty is not a name you often see in the mainstream media. She is a former celebrity spouse who became known after marrying the popular actor Pablo Schreiber. Like many celebrity spouses, she rode on the wings of her ex-husband to fame.

Pablo Schreiber is a successful actor who has appeared in several blockbusters, including “The Wir.” He is most famous for his role as George ‘Pornstache Mendez in the TV series “Orange Is the New Black.” The love story between Jessica and her ex-husband was sweet, but it turned sour and resulted in their divorce. 

Who Is Jessica Monty?

Jessica Monty is an American yoga instructor and chef, the ex-wife of famous actor Pablo Schreiber. She was born in Miami on May 21, 1980. Although reports suggest she grew up with her parents in Miami Beach, there is no information whatsoever about the identity of her parents.

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Despite being one of the most talked about celebrity spouses following her marriage to the famous actor, she has kept most details about her personal life private. However, Jessica once revealed that her mom is a fisherman, and she has no knowledge about her biological father. Hence, she grew up with a single mother, and whether she has siblings is unknown. 

A picture of Jessica Monty's ex-husband
Jessica Monty’s ex-husband, Pablo Schreiber. (Source: Instagram/@officialpabloschreiber)

Her Educational Background

Like most details about her personal life, details about her elementary education are unknown. However, reports suggest that she had a keen interest in sports as a child. Jessica Monty enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition High School in 1998.

After graduating from high school, she enrolled at the Institute of Natural Gourmet, a foundation offering health-supportive and plant-based education. At the end of her program at the Institute, she graduated in Culinary Arts and became a chef. 

Jessica Monty’s Height and Appearance

Physically, Jessica Monty is stunning. She has naturally long curly brown hair, often worn half up and half down. The famous actor’s ex-wife also has beautiful brown eyes that match her hair color. Jessica’s height is 5ft and 5 inches, which complements her gorgeous face.

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Despite being a stunning celebrity spouse, Jessica Monty is famous for her simplicity and love for unprocessed foods. She is cautious about her diet and loves wearing casual outfits made by her friend. 

What Does Jessica Monty Do for a Living?

As earlier stated, Jessica Monty is a famous chef. However, she is also a skilled Yoga Instructor who enjoys surfing. Schreiber’s ex-wife has worked with reputable companies, including Kelly Slater Company. Notably, she is known for being very health-conscious and making healthy meals.

In addition to these, she is also a vlogger, and she runs a cooking channel on YouTube, where she teaches people how to make her signature healthy foods in their homes. Jessica Monty is a successful chef who has had some A-list celebrities like Jason Momoa as exclusive clients who prefer her meal to regular unhealthy foods.

A beautiful picture of Jessica Monty
Jessica Monty. (Source: Instagram/@jessicamonty)

Jessica Monty and Pablo Schreiber’s Marriage

Pablo Schreiber and his ex-wife tied the knot in 2007 after dating for several years. Like traditional marriages, theirs was not also without problems. Whatever ounce of love remained between Jessica and Pablo fizzled out after seven years of marriage. In January 2014, the pair decided to go their separate ways and filed for divorce, which was not finalized until 2015. 

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During their short-lived marriage, the pair welcomed two sons together; Timoteo Schreiber and Dante Schreiber. Their first son, Timoteo, was born on October 20, 2008, while their second son, Dante, was born on February 19, 2012. Jessica Monty got full custody of both her sons, while Pablo was ordered by the court to provide child support to the celebrity chef. 

Jessica Monty and her kids
Jessica Monty and her kids. (Source: Instagram/@jessicamonty)

In addition to receiving child support, Jessica received half of the famous actor’s assets as spouse support. Although their marriage ended several years ago, the pair remain excellent co-parents to their children.

Is Jessica Monty’s Instagram Active?

Yes, it is. Jessica Monty has an active Instagram account with over 6,000 followers. Her Instagram page has over 3,000 pictures and videos showcasing her wide range of talents and her kids. Although she is very active on Instagram, Jessica Monty does not seem to have an account on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

A picture of Jessica Monty
Jessica Monty in a swimsuit (Source: Instagram/@jessicamonty)

Jessica Monty’s Net Worth

The famous actor’s ex-wife’s net worth is estimated at $5,000,000. Jessica Monty amassed her wealth through her lifelong career as a personal chef, yoga instructor, and recipe writer. However, the spousal support she received as a divorce settlement from her ex-husband must have added to her wealth. 

Jessica Monty appears to be living her best life with her children, and it is unknown if she has plans to remarry.

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