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Who Is Liam Neeson Dating? A Glimpse Into the Hollywood Legend’s Love Life

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Years after losing his wife, Liam Neeson’s love life remains unadventurous as he rarely ventures into the dating pool. But is he dating anyone now?

Liam Neeson has starred in numerous love stories throughout his career. However, he pulled off his greatest yet in real life when he dated and married actress Natasha Richardson. Sadly, their romance had a tragic ending, with the death of the “parents Trap” star in 2009.

Over a decade later, Neeson remains faithful to his late wife’s memories, remaining unmarried ever since. While his act of love towards Richardson long after her death is commendable, what does life hold for the actor in the love department as he navigates his seventies?

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Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson | 
Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

In 2022, Liam Neeson divulged in an interview that he fell in love with a high-profile figure while shooting in Australia. Much to his dismay, she was already taken! However, the star failed to disclose her identity, saying it would put her in a bad place with the press.

Notwithstanding, the revelation sent the media abuzz with excitement, with most going overboard to unearth the identity of the mystery woman. Neeson would later disclose his admission was simply a joke, and no mystery woman was lurking in the corners.

Yet, the seed of addressing his love life for the first time in thirteen years was already sown deep, casting the actors’ romantic escapades into the spotlight. So what’s all the buzz surrounding Liam Neeson’s love life about? Is he dating anyone?

Who Is Liam Neeson Dating?

As of September 2022, Liam Neeson has not been linked publicly to anyone, making it safe to say he is not dating at the moment. However, his love life has stirred the rumor mills on occasions, with the most recent being claims of his relationship with an Aussie woman.

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Since debunking the rumors, the “Taken” star’s dating life seems to have reverted to being unadventurous as it has been since his wife’s passing. This isn’t to say he has been entirely off the dating pool in the last thirteen years.

Contrariwise, Neeson has been linked to various women throughout his career, with at least one post-marital romance making it to the limelight.

A Glimpse Into Liam Neeson’s Dating History

While he might be single at this time, Liam Neeson’s dating profile comprises various high-profile women. He was first linked to model Janice Dickinson, long before meeting Richardson.

After their relationship ended, he reportedly dated his “Excalibur” co-star Helen Mirren from 1980 to 1985. While dating, the pair lived together in London but were forced to part ways after their split. Mirren once admitted they loved each other and had difficulties letting go after their breakup.

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Liam Meeson dating Brooke Shield |Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Notwithstanding, their chapter ended on a friendly note. Neeson then had a thing with actress Julia Roberts following their joint appearance on “Satisfaction.” They also co-starred in “Michael Collins.”

Roberts, who was only nineteen when they kicked off their romance, resided with Neeson, 16 years her senior, in his home in Venice, California. They called it quits in 1990, after two years together.

Barely a year later, the actor found love again with legendary songstress and actress Barbra Streisand. Their relationship ended in 1992.

That same year, Liam Neeson began dating actress Brooke Shield but called it quits after three months together. The pair reportedly sustained an on-and-off romance during that time, with Neeson proposing at least twice.

Liam Neeson Met And Began Dating His True Love In 1993

The actor finally met the love of his life, Natasha Richardson while filming “Anna Christie” in 1993. He admitted to sharing instant chemistry with her, unlike anything he ever experienced onscreen with a co-star.

One year after the meeting, the two tied the knot.  Neeson and Richardson enjoyed marital bliss for fourteen years, welcoming two children before death came calling.

Richardson died after sustaining a traumatic brain injury during a skiing trip, leaving her brain dead. Neeson was forced to pull the plug on her life support, complying with their agreement that they would do so if either of them ever ended up in a vegetative state.

Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Her husband felt devastated by the loss but knew he needed to stay strong for the kids. Hence, just days after her demise, he returned to work. Speaking on moving on, he once said:

“I’m not good without work. I wallow too much. And I just didn’t want to, especially for my boys, seem to be wallowing in sadness and depression.”

To honor his late wife, the “Satisfaction” actor donated all her organs, leaving a part of her in other people.

Neeson Moved On Briefly With Freya St Johnston

Liam Neeson dating Freya St Johnston | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

In 2010, a year and a few months after losing his wife, Neeson became linked to another woman, British public relations executive Freya St. Johnston.

They dated for two years before parting ways. All the while, the 70-year-old never got over his love for the mother of his kids. He once admitted the reality of her death kept haunting him most nights.

Rumors of the icon’s affair with actress Laura Brent have also hit the media, however, those speculations went unconfirmed. The latest rumors to plague Neeson’s dating profile came after his little joke about falling for a woman who was already taken.”

However, since that reached a dead end after he clarified, Liam Neeson has reverted to remaining a single dad, committed to his family and his wife’s memories.

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