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Who Is the Biological Dad of Lori Harvey? 

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The identity of Lori Harvey’s biological dad has stirred debate over the years as more fans try to unveil who he was or why the model never addresses the subject.

For as long as the world remembers, Steve Harvey has been identified as Lori Harvey’s dad. But the two share no blood ties despite their enviable, close-knit familial relationship.

In fact, Marjorie welcomed Lori long before her marriage to Steve. Being in love and committed to each other, the comedian adopted Marjorie’s three kids and gave them his last name. Hence the name, Lori Harvey.

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But before that, whose last name was the model entitled to? What is the identity of her less-talked about dad? Who is the biological father of Lori Harvey?

Who Is Lori Harvey’s Dad?

Information about the biological dad of Lori Harvey is unclear, as Marjorie was finalizing her divorce from then-husband when she welcomed the child.

After divorcing Jim Townsend, Marjorie moved on with another man, Donnell Woods, conceiving Lori around that time. Hence, many widely consider Donnell as Lori Harvey’s biological father, and neither has stepped forward to debunk the speculations.

Who Is Donnell Woods?

Donnell Woods is an American man of mixed ethnicity, widely considered the biological dad of Lori Harvey. He was born and raised in the United States and began dating Marjorie after she filed for divorce from her then-imprisoned first husband Townsend.

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Reportedly, Marjorie welcomed her three kids during the affair, eventually tying the knot with Donnell in 2000. As with her previous marriage, Marjorie’s second husband ended up embroiled in drug-related scandals.

Lori and Marjorie Harvey | image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Following his marriage to Marjorie, Donnell was investigated and charged with drug-related cases. Eventually, the authorities froze his accounts and all his assets, including his club which Lori’s mom later sold to NBA player Isaiah Todd.

Marjorie Harvey’s second marriage also ended in divorce, leaving her in care of three amazing kids.

Is There A Chance Lori Harvey Is Jim Townsend’s Daughter?

While most evidence points to the possibility of Donnell Woods being Lori’s dad, some schools of thought suggest Jimmy L. Townsend might in fact be the mystery man.

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Long before becoming a mom to Lori Harvey, Marjorie endured her marriage to Townsend. However, their relationship hit a rough patch in 1992 after Townsend landed a life sentence for attempting to buy 40 kilos of cocaine, with intent to sell.

The FBI and DEA also investigated Marjorie in connection with the drug charge but found no case against her.

Less than five years into his sentence, the fashionista severed ties with her ex-husband, filing a divorce. Meanwhile, Lori landed the planet in 1997, making it most unlikely that she shares biological ties with Townsend.

Notably, Barack Obama granted Jim Townsend a presidential pardon in 2017, after 26 years behind bars.

Lori Has Close Ties With Her Stepdad

After moving on from Donnell, Marjorie found love again with multi-talented entertainer Steve Harvey. It seemed the third time was a charm for the style entrepreneur, who married Steve in 2007.

At the time, the actor and comedian was twice divorced and had four children from his previous relationships. He went on to adopt Lori and her two biological siblings Morgan Harvey, 35 and Jason Harvey, 31.

The blended family have lived happily ever since, enjoying the love and care of both parents. In fact, Lori, who is the youngest of the brood, especially has a close bond with Steve, and never hesitates to gush about him on her social media pages.

The icon also shares her feelings, taking it upon himself to ensure she ended up with the right guy in her love life. Over the years, Steve has played the dad role in the life of Lori Harvey to perfection.

Lori Harvey with her mom, Marjorie and step dad Steve Harvey | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Who Are Lori Harvey’s Siblings

Whether or not the mystery behind Lori Harvey’s biological dad gets solved, the fact remains she grew up enjoying the warmth of a complete family. She had a loving mom, a reliable father figure and a handful of siblings.

Aside from her biological siblings Morgan and Jason, the former equestrian was also blessed with four step-siblings thanks to her ties with Steve. The eldest of the brood were twin daughters Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey from Steve’s first marriage.

The star also has a son Broderick Harvey with his first wife, and another son, Wynton Harvey from his second marriage.

Unlike the model, the others seem not to bask in their parents’ fame and are rarely associated with the comedic genius. However, Steve Harvey and Lori Harvey are so close that one could hardly believe he is not her biological dad.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lori Harvey’s Biological Father

Here are answers to some questions netizens often ask about Lori Harvey’s real dad:

Who Is Lori Harvey’s Real Biological Father? 

Lori Harvey’s real biological father is widely believed to be Donnell Woods, although neither Lori nor Donnell have confirmed or denied the speculations publicly. This belief stems from Marjorie Harvey’s relationship timeline, where she was involved with Donnell Woods around the time of Lori’s conception, after her divorce from her first husband, Jim Townsend.

Is Steve Harvey Lori Harvey’s Biological Father? 

No, Steve Harvey is not Lori Harvey’s biological father. Steve Harvey adopted Lori and gave her his last name after he married her mother, Marjorie. Despite not having a biological connection, Lori and Steve share a close father-daughter bond.

Are Jim Townsend And Donnell Woods Related? 

No, there’s no indication that Jim Townsend and Donnell Woods are related. Both men had individual relationships with Marjorie Harvey at different points in time. While both men have been linked to Marjorie, there’s no evidence of any direct connection between Townsend and Woods, whether familial or otherwise. 

What Happened To Lori Harvey’s Biological Father? 

Lori Harvey’s believed biological father, Donnell Woods, faced legal troubles and was charged with drug-related cases after his marriage to Marjorie Harvey. The authorities seized his assets, which included a club later sold to NBA player Isaiah Todd. Details about his current status or whereabouts are unknown.

Is Lori Harvey’s Biological Father Donnell Woods? 

While it’s widely speculated that Donnell Woods is Lori Harvey’s biological father, neither Lori nor Donnell has publicly confirmed or denied this belief. The timeline suggests that Marjorie was involved with Donnell around the time Lori was conceived.

Is Lori Harvey Steve Harvey’s Biological Daughter? 

No, Lori Harvey is not Steve Harvey’s biological daughter. She is the daughter of Marjorie Harvey from a previous relationship. After Steve married Marjorie, he adopted Lori and her two siblings, giving them his last name.

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