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Who Is Andrew Schulz’s Wife? A Look Into the Comedian’s Love Life

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Andrew Schulz is seen as the guy disrupting comedy the way Uber disrupted the cab industry. He might not yet be the richest and most famous among comedians, but Schulz is a loaded gun for hilarious jokes.

However, his wittiness has not diverted fans’ attention from his love life. As a result, many ask about the existence of Andrew Schulz’s wife or the lack of one. So, is he married, single, or dating?

Andrew Schulz smiling (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Andrew Schulz’s Wife?

Andrew Schulz’s wife is a 28-year-old entrepreneur working with Apple. Emma Kathryn Turner was born to Kristin and Andrew Turner in Santa Barbara, California. Emma grew up with her two other siblings, Derek and Will Turner.

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It is important to note that Emma was not a celebrity before her relationship with the comedian. Therefore, little is known about her life before meeting Andrew Schulz.

However, media reports paint her as a lovely young lady living in New York City and working hard to climb the corporate ladder. But since their wedding in December 2021, Emma Turner has gotten a celebrity status while also maintaining her entrepreneurial and corporate careers on the side.

Emma Turner Schulz (Source: Instagram)

She has thrived in the corporate world, working with organizations like Apple and Mastercard. Emma is also a certified BASI Pilates coach. However, she hasn’t used her BASI Certification in any professional capacity.

Emma has a Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Fiction, and Fashion from New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study. After her wedding to Schulz, she obtained an MBA in 2022 from Stern School of Business, New York University.

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The Career Trajectory of Andrew Schulz’s Wife’s

Emma works in the corporate world with different organizations, including ReDone, Mastercard, and Apple. She is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program manager at Apple. Emma’s career in the corporate sector has lasted almost a decade, and she also runs a private food and restaurant blog business known as Blistered Peppers.

Emma Turner founded Blistered Peppers in September of 2021 in New York. Blistered Peppers has continued to grow and has had a decent amount of engagements since its launch in September 2021. Emma got her cooking skills from her mother, who received cooking lessons as a gift from her first husband.

Andrew Schulz and Emma Turner’s Marriage

As mentioned, the couple married in Montecito, California, on December 18, 2021. It was a day Schulz would later refer to as the best in his life. It was a relatively celebrity-style wedding, and the guest list was filled with some of Schulz’s notable celebrity friends. His fellow podcasters like Charlamagne Tha God and Joe Rogan were in attendance.

Andrew Schulz and his wife, Emma Turner Schulz, on their wedding day (Source: Instagram)

Andrew Schulz’s Career

Andrew Schulz is an American comedian who gained popularity for his stand-up comedy, podcasting, and online content. He was born on October 30, 1983, in New York City. Schulz differentiated himself with his edgy and unfiltered comedic style. He also claims to have been on the scene since 2000.

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However, his comedy career didn’t pick up until 2005, when he started performing in various comedy clubs around New York City. He quickly gained recognition for his sharp wit, fearless approach, and ability to tackle controversial topics.

As a result, Schulz is famous for being controversial. His comedy often touches on race, relationships, and politics, pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms.

Andrew Schulz Is Disrupting the Industry and Building a Fanbase

In addition to his live performances, Schulz has leveraged social media and online platforms to reach a broader audience. Little wonder, he is considered the Uber of the comedy industry.

He gained considerable popularity through his YouTube channel, where he regularly drops stand-up clips, podcasts, and commentary videos. Schulz’s YouTube series “Inside Jokes” and “Dropping In” have garnered millions of views and helped him amass a dedicated fan base.

Andrew Schulz (Source: Pinterest)

Schulz has also collaborated with other comedians and artists, including Charlamagne Tha God, his friend Joe Rogan, and Lil Duval. He has appeared on several television shows, podcasts, and radio programs. He is on a journey of further expanding his reach and recognition.

Schulz’s podcast, “The Brilliant Idiots,” which he co-hosts with Charlamagne Tha God, explores various topics and features candid conversations and funny jokes. Andrew Schulz’s success has earned him a loyal following and recognition within the comedy community. His unfiltered and provocative style has resonated with many fans, and he continues to tour, create online content, and make appearances on various media platforms.

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