Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Twitter Reacts to Comedian Bill Burr’s ‘not so Funny’ Jokes at the Grammys 2021

Twitter went ablaze on Sunday following comedian Bill Burr’s failed attempt at making jokes during the Grammys 2021 award show.

Comedian Bill Burr’s career seemed to take a hard hit on Sunday following his jokes attempts at the Grammys 2021 award presentation show where he served as a presenter.

The 52-year-old triggered a sensitive button with some “not so funny” remarks, which netizens have deemed inappropriate, insensitive, racist, and sexist. Burr’s offense seemed to pile up from his first remark about the duration of a piano solo.

Stepping onto the stage, he asked the audience if anyone else felt like killing “himself” during the performance, triggering a bout of laughter. However, netizens failed to recognize the joke, taking to Twitter to blast the comedian for his offensive comment.

One questioned the Academy’s decision to make Burr a presenter, also describing his piano joke attempt as unnecessarily disrespectful. Another added that the supposed joke was not funny at all. Another user noted:

“I feel like there’s a section of comedians that don’t even try to do humor. They just want to upset groups of people so a certain group can go ‘lololol triggered.’ Really high-level ideas.”

Unfortunately, Burr did not stop there. He went next for the feminists, making another offensive remark while presenting the award for Best Tropical Album. The comedian voiced his opinion about the feminists’ reaction to his role as the show’s host, saying they’d probably go nuts.

“Why is this cis-white male doing all this Latino stuff?” the star quipped in an attempt to mimic the feminists’ purported reaction.  While members of the audience laughed at the joke, Twitter users again could hardly grasp the humor in the statement.

The star’s attempt to make light of his mistake with a mock apology only worsened the situation

One user condemned the presenter for being “xenophobic, sexist and racist,” while calling out the crew for encouraging his profanities by laughing. Going further, the netizen referred to Burr as an embarrassment.

While most considered the comedian’s remarks as offensive, some found some silver lining behind his epic comedic act. One praised the icon’s devil-may-care attitude, calling him the greatest of all time. The tweet read:

“Bill Burr the GOAT Lolol. Rare comedian that will joke about stuff like this.”

The icon went over-the-top with his snotty remarks when he mispronounced songstress, Natalia Lafourcade’s name while announcing her as the winner of the Best Regional Mexican Musical Album category.

The star’s attempt to make light of his mistake with a mock apology only worsened the situation. Since the show, several news outlets have reached out to the Grammys 2021 presenter for comments to no avail.

The star dished other humorous remarks while presenting awards for other categories like Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album, Best Choral Performance, Best Classical Instrument Solo Performance, Best Classical Compendium, and Best Classical vocal album.

Burr snagged his first-ever Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album, in November, for his performance on Netflix’s “Paper Tiger.”

Given his reputation as a provocative comedian, this would hardly be the last the world would hear of him.

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