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Who Are Jayson Tatum’s Parents?

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Jayson Tatum is a famous American basketball player who plays for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The successful basketball player led his team to the 2022 NBA finals. In addition, he is an Olympic gold medalist and the youngest player in NBA history to reach 5,000 career points.

Being one of the most famous NBA players earns him a spot in the heart of fans. As a result, Jayson Tatum is generating a lot of buzz around his career and personal life. Fans are curious to know more about the basketball player’s background and, importantly, his parents. But who are Jayson Tatum’s parents?

Meet Jayson Tatum’s Parents

Jayson Tatum was born to his parents, Brandy Cole and Justin Tatum, in March 1998. Jayson Tatum’s mother was a skilled high-school volleyball player who received a scholarship after graduating high school. On the other hand, Jayson Tatum’s father was a talented high school basketball player who led his team to a State Title.

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Who Is Jayson Tatum’s Mother?

Brandy Cole is a practicing American attorney. Taytum’s mom keeps the details of her upbringing private, and little is known about her background, parents, or siblings. There is no information regarding who her parents are or what her siblings look like.

However, reports suggest that Jayson Tatum’s mom was born in 1979 and raised alone by her mother. Cole sacrificed her dream of playing volleyball for her son, found a new dream, and pursued it ferociously.

Jayson Tatum's parent with her son
Jayson Tatum with his mom, Brandy Cole (Source: Instagram/@jaytatum0)

Jayson’s Mom Was a Volleyball Player

Brandy Cole was interested in sports as a teenage high schooler like her son. She was a member of the volleyball team in high school. Cole was so good at it that she received a volleyball scholarship to the University of Tennessee. The NBA star’s mom was pleased about the scholarship, but little did she know she was pregnant.

Cole declined the scholarship opportunity when she discovered she was pregnant with a boy. However, after giving birth to her son, she continued her education. She graduated from the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and is a practicing attorney.

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Jayson Tatum’s mother had since gone on to clinch multiple degrees. Jayson revealed in an interview that he is fond of his mom and a “mama’s boy.” He added that his mother recognized his innate talent for basketball early on. She encouraged him to achieve greatness in the sport. In addition to propelling the NBA star to excellence, she made him understand that he would be nothing without education. 

Jayson Tatum with his mom (Source: Instagram/@jaytatum0)

Her love for education and zeal for success are some of the traits inherent in her son. Brandy Cole has a great relationship with the successful basketball player, and he often refers to her as his financial guide. The mother-son duo has a close relationship, and he speaks fondly of Cole. If his social media pages could talk, it would be about his affection for his mother.

Who Is Jayson Tatum’s Father?

Like his son, Justin Tatum was a basketball player in high school. However, he has since transitioned from being a basketball player to being a coach. Like Jayson’s mom, there is no information about what day or month he was born. However, reports suggest he is the same age as Brandy Cole. 

Justin Tatum attended the Christian Brothers College High School in St Louis, where he doubled as a basketball player in the school’s team. Like his son, Justin was an elite player who led his team to a State Title in 1997.

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After graduating high school, he attended St Louis University, where he led his team, the SLU Billikens, to a Conference Championship in 2001. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and became a full-time basketball coach.

He is currently the Boys’ Head Basketball Coach at his alma mater. Jayson’s father is ranked as one of the premier head coaches in Missouri, with 216 wins and 94 losses in 12 years. Jayson Tatum’s father has helped many talented basketball players find their way to success in different Division colleges. 

Jayson Tatum's father with his son and grandson
Justin Tatum with his famous son, Jayson Tatum, and his grandson, Deuce (Source: Instagram/@jaytatum0)

Jayson Tatum and His Father’s Relationship

The relationship between Jayson Tatum and his father became strained when he refused to join CBCHS, where his father was appointed coach in 2013. Jayson revealed in an interview that he missed out on a father-son relationship with his father.

The NBA star said he didn’t go to the park or on picnic dates with his dad as a kid. He added that he only sees his father at the gym or basketball court. However, despite their complicated history, Jayson and his father are working on their relationship and are on their way to being the best father-son duo.

The Famous NBA Star Has a Son

Jayson Tatum is now a father himself! His son, Jason Christopher Tatum Jr., who he calls Deuce, was born on December 7, 2017. Jayson was only 19 when he welcomed his “mini-me” and has developed an unbreakable bond with his son. The fast-rising star refers to his son as his favorite person.

Jayson Tatum’s parents are now grandparents. They adore their famous son and are proud of his achievements in the NBA.

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