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What Was Kenny Rogers’ Net Worth? Four Interesting Facts About the Late Iconic Singer

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Kenny Rogers’ net worth at his death explains how much he profited as a singer during his decades-long musical career.

For most of his life, Kenny Ray Rogers was a beloved figure in the music industry. The award-winning singer and songwriter sold millions of records and became recognized for his country and pop hit songs. Some of his hits include “Lucille,” “The Gambler,” and “Island in the Stream.”

Rogers grew up poor, living with his parents and six siblings in a federal housing project. By high school, he knew he wanted to be a musician, so he bought a guitar and started a group called “the Scholars.” The band did well and achieved a few local hits. 

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However, he left the group and moved on in his music career as a solo artist. Later, he joined some bands and created music with them before moving on again. For years he entered and left groups learning a couple of music genres.

Kenny Rogers
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 In 1974, Rogers left “Kenny Rogers and the First Edition” to go solo again and decided to focus on country music. “Love Lifted Me” became his first solo top 20 Country hit in 1975. 

Two years later, Rogers reached the peak of the country charts with his mournful ballad “Lucille.” The song also did well on the pop charts, making it into the top five. The song also won Rogers his First Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, Male.

Years after working with bands and becoming a solo artist, Kenny Rogers released an album, “The Gambler,” in 1978. The title track became a huge country and pop hit, which gave Rogers his Second Grammy Award. 

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He also recorded a series of hits with Country legend Dottie West and “Islands in the Stream,” with Dolly Parton ranked as a No. 1 tune. Rogers also published several books, including a 2012 autobiography.

Kenny Rogers’ Net Worth

Rogers began his musical career in the 1950s and experimented with various musical styles before gaining a foothold in the industry. However, his songs impacted the music world, becoming one of the best-selling artists of all time throughout his career. 

Kenny Rogers' Net Worth
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Over the years, Rogers released albums that spanned many different genres, including jazz, folk, pop, rock, and country. Apart from that, Kenny Rogers enjoyed a considerable acting career.

Recognized as one of the true legends of the country music genre, Rogers sold over 165 million records worldwide and released over 65 albums. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kenny Rogers had a net worth of $250 million at his death.

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He Got Inducted Into the Country Music Hall of Fame

In October 2013, Rogers got inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame at its museum in Nashville. Bobby Bare and the late Jack Clement were also honored for their influence on modern Country music.

People present at the ceremony included  Garth Brooks, Barry Gibb, and Kris Kristofferson. Speaking at the event, Roger, 75, said 

“I’m flattered, I’m honored, and I’m nervous. What I’ve realized is that success is not a happening; it’s a journey. I think without this, it would have been incomplete.”

The iconic musician also stated that the induction was a fulfillment of his career. Brooks and Krauss also lauded Rogers, and the former praised the singer for contributing to his career. The late singer joined the likes of “The Judds,” who have also been inducted into the Country Music hall of Fame.

Kenny Rogers Got Married Five Times

Apart from all his music and movie achievements, Rogers walked down the aisle with five different women. Unfortunately, four of those marriages ended in a divorce. His first marriage was to Janice Gordon in 1958. Although they welcomed daughter Carole Lynne together, their relationship lasted for just two years, ending in 1960. 

Afterward, Rogers married Jean in 1960, months after his divorce from Gordon. However, just like that marriage, this also lasted very shortly. By 1963, the couple had parted ways.

The musician’s third marriage happened in 1964 when he exchanged vows with Margo Anderson. The couple then welcomed a child Kenny Jr. together. Their marriage also lasted than Rogers’ previous ones ending in divorce in 1976.

Next on the list was Marianne Gordon, who Rogers married in 1977. The duo also welcomed a child with the birth of son Chris in 1982. Gordon and Rogers remained married for two decades before their divorce in 1993. 

Four years later, Rogers married again, this time to Wanda Miller. In 2004 the couple welcomed twins Justin and Jordan. Their marriage proved to be Rogers’ longest, lasting more than two decades. 

In 2012 Rogers touched on his many failed marriages and candidly admitted they were mainly his faults.  Rogers admitted:

“Music, at least for me, is like a mistress … and she’s a difficult mistress for a wife to compete with. When I became driven and selfish, I was so intent on following my life that it cost me. I was gone so much from some of my marriages that there was a disconnect.”

However, although the faults from the failed marriages were from him, he cherished every one of them.

The Late Country Musician Loved Photography

Apart from music and movies, Rogers was also a talented photographer! His long-time love of photography developed into actual practice in the early 1980s. The musician started portfolio portraits of his then-wife, model Marianne Gordon, and her friends. 

Kenny Rogers loved photography
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Rogers also continued to study with John Sexton, a landscape photographer who once worked as an assistant to Ansel Adams. In addition, the musician also studied with renowned portraitist Yousuf Karsh. Speaking about his attachment to photography Rogers stated:

“I am an impulsive obsessive. I impulsively get involved with something, and then I get obsessed with it. So that’s what happened with photography.”

He Died at the Age of 81

Kenny Rogers died of natural causes at his home in Sandy Springs, Georgia, on March 20, 2020. According to a statement released by his representatives, the 81-year-old passed away peacefully under hospice care. His family also stayed with him until his last breath.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the family announced they were only planning a small private service at this time. However, they looked forward to celebrating Roger’s life publicly with his friends and fans later. 

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