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What Is Owen Wilson’s Net Worth? Four Interesting Facts About the Actor.

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Owen Wilson’s net worth is an indication of how talented the American actor is and the success he has achieved in his career.

American actor Owen Wilson is one of the most recognizable actors of his generation. The actor started his career behind the scenes co-writing movies “Rushmore” in 1998, “the Royal Tenenbaums” in 2001, and “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou” in 2004. The film “Royal Tenenbaums.” would eventually earn Wilson an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay. 

Owen Wilson's net worth
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However, besides his movie writing talents, Wilson is also a fantastic actor and has appeared in countless top-charting movies. The actor appeared alongside Ben Stiller in the movie “Meet the Parents” in 2000. Still, the actor starred in one of his biggest box office hits, “Wedding Crashers,” in 2005. Wilson is also a gifted voice actor and has contributed his voice to various animated films, including the hit “Cars.”

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In 2007, the actor starred in the movie “The Darjeeling Limited,” and a year later, “Drillbit Taylor.” His 2009 movie “Marley & Me” received critical acclaim, as well as “Midnight in Paris” in 2011. Some of Wilson’s other famous movies include “No Escape,” “Shanghai Knight” and “Inherent Vice.”

Owen Wilson’s Net Worth

Since he made his debut in the entertainment industry, Wilson has enjoyed a lot of success in most of his roles. As a screenwriter, his movies are highly rated and have received award nominations. His acting career has also spurned many box office hits and earned the actor various award nominations. 

Wilson has made most of his wealth from his role as an actor, and his movies have grossed over $2.25 million. According to Celebrity net worth, the actor’s net worth is $70 million.

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Wilson is Good Friends With Ben Stiller

There are various friendship duos in the entertainment industry, although Hollywood can sometimes be a hard place to foster friendships. However, Wilson and actor Ben Stiller have maintained their relationship since they began working together in the 1990s. The duo has collaborated multiple times, including in movies like “Zoolander,” “Starsky & Hutch” and the “Night at the Museum” franchise. Their friendship began in the 1990s when Stiller reached out to Owen to commend his work. According to Wilson:

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller
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“I think it was when he saw Bottle Rocket. He wrote me the nicest letter, saying how much he loved the movie, which meant a great deal, because no one saw Bottle Rocket.”

The actors are also very protective about their relationship and mostly avoid speaking about personal things in interviews. Although they might have appeared in over ten movies together, the duo also give each other derived personal space.

Wilson Has Never Met His Daughter

Wilson and Varunie Vongsvirates were in a relationship for five years when the latter revealed she was pregnant. Although Wilson denied responsibility, a paternity test in 2018 proved otherwise. Vongsvirates eventually welcomed their daughter Lyla on October 9, 2018; however, Wilson has refused to meet his daughter ever since.

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Owen Wilson and daughter
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Although the actor keeps in touch with his older sons, he has refused to stay in touch with his daughter. Vongsvirates explained that Wilson had never met their daughter two days after the little girl celebrated her third birthday. She explained that the actor is not involved with their little girl at all. Vongsvirates noted:

“He helps financially but it’s never been about that. Lyla needs a father. It’s ironic how [Owen] keeps getting these father roles, he’s playing a father in his new movie, and he’s never met his own daughter.”

Bathing With Jackie Chan Made Them Closer

One of Wilson’s famous action movies is “Shanghai Noon,” where he co-starred alongside Jackie Chan. Although the actors displayed good chemistry throughout the film, Wilson revealed a bathing scene from the movie improved their relationship. He explained:

Owen Wilson's net worth
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“Being in a bathtub with Jackie Chan, I don’t know, it has a way of bonding you I’ll tell you that. I don’t know if there are some weird undertones. It was like we had met in Los Angeles and we didn’t have that much to say to each other but, after that bathtub scene, we were great friends.”

Wilson explained that they played off each other, and it was really fun for them. After the bath, they became really good friends, which was evident in their actions. The movie also defied expectations with how well it did commercially.

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