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What Is Kevin Costner’s Net Worth and How Did He Earn It?

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Kevin Costner has built himself quite the empire throughout his Hollywood career, with his net worth serving as proof of his successful journey.

Hollywood icon Kevin Costner is no stranger to the world of showbiz, with a career that has spanned almost five decades.

Yet, he seems not to be slowing down by any means, opting instead to make the most out of each day, and add more wins to his already over-the-top resume.

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His journey began in Lynwood, California, where he was born in January 1955. He grew up with his parents Sharon Rae and William Costner, and two siblings in California, nurturing his secret dreams of someday becoming an actor.

What Is Kevin Costner Net Worth | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

That dream eventually materialized after an encounter with famed actor Richard Burton, who encouraged him to chase his ambitions. Costner eventually abandoned his degree in marketing and finance and focused on his longtime ambition.

A brief stint in a 1974 film paved the way for the star in the industry, and by the eighties, he boasted of a full-blown career as an actor. Those dreams eventually paid off.

Over the years, he branched into other spheres of entertainment and even returned to his business roots. Today, Kevin Costner is considered a Hollywood living legend, with a substantial net worth to back his career escapades.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Kevin Costner?

As of September 2022, Kevin Costner has a net worth of $250,000,000 per CelebrityNetworth. The amount comes as no surprise given how far the actor has come since his early days in Hollywood.

In fact, his career has seen him branch into a handful of entertainment ventures including acting, film and television production, singing and modeling. He has also made some tremendous investments, with a multimillion-dollar business at the center of his empire.

How Did Kevin Costner Become So Wealthy?

Most of Kevin Costner’s life’s work has centered around acting, which he is most notable for. In fact, he reportedly earned up to six figures per episode of “Yellowstone,” one of his latest projects.

He dabbled into acting in the mid-seventies, but only made his film debut in 1981’s “Sizzle Beach.” More projects followed in the next decades. Overall, Costner boasts of about 60 motion picture appearances and counting.

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Some of his major projects include “Field Of Creams,” “Dances With Wolves,” “The Untouchables,” “Silverado,” “Revenge,” “13 Days,” “The Postman” and “Yellowstone.”

Kevin Costner on "Yellowstone" | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

He also branched into film production and directing, blessing the world with more of his unmatched talents.

Later in his career, he tried his hands at music, forming the band, Kevin Costner and Modern West. The group boasts of at least four studio albums and appearances in numerous concerts and festivals.

Kevin Costner’s Business ventures Boosted His Net worth

After years in the spotlight, Costner decided to create his own business empire. He purchased Ocean Therapy Solutions from the US Government in 1995 for $24 million. The company specializes in water purification techniques used to mitigate the effects of oil spills.

Costner’s company famously came to the rescue following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Ocean Therapy snagged a contract of $52 million for cleanup efforts.

Another business venture under his name is Midnight Star, a casino in Deadwood, South Dakota. He closed the company in 2017 but it has since been reopened under new management.

Still looking to grow in the business world, Costner invested in sports at some point. He became the partial owner of the baseball team, Lake County Fielders. The North American League team was disbanded in 2012.

In addition to these, Costner has a host of real estate investments and landed properties in states like California and Colorado.

What Is Costner Up To Now?

After a long-lived career, Kevin Costner has garnered an impressive net worth that could last a lifetime. Yet, he was not one to rest on his laurels. He has continued taking movie roles that appealed to him while running his various establishments.

Kevin Costner with his family
Image: Pinterest

Outside his career, Costner has seen success in his marriage and family life. He has been married twice, first to his college sweetheart Cindy Silva in 1978. They had three children together.

Following their divorce sixteen years later, Costner dated Bridget Rooney, who bore him a son. Then in 2004, he exchanged vows again, with model and handbag designer Christine Baumgartner. Their marriage yielded three children.

Indeed, Kevin Costner’s life depicts the classic story of a man born to become a legend, who seized opportunities and threaded the right course on his path to fame and fortune.

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