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What Happened To Owen Wilsons Nose? The Real Reason He Never Corrected It Surgically

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The slight nick on Owen Wilson’s nose, which singles him out in all his movies, has made the question, “what happened to Owen Wilsons nose?” a trending subject.

Owen Wilson made a name for himself in the world of romantic comedies. From Wedding Crashers to “Midnight In Paris,” the actor’s warm, welcoming features have made him the star of various love-focused films over the years.

However, he deviated slightly from his usual roles briefly, embracing the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Morbius M. Morbius in “Loki.” After exploring MCU, he returned to his romantic comedy roots, playing the male lead in “Marry Me” alongside Jennifer Lopez.

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Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Marry me | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

His role as Charlie Gilbert, a divorced maths teacher, saw him play the typical “uncool dad” to his preteen daughter.

His distinctive, somewhat crooked nose further compounded his uncool attributes. Yet, he won the love of the world-famous songstress Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) in the end.

While that gave him the much-needed transformation to the cool-dad status and, perhaps, desirable partner, the question on viewers’ minds remained, “what happened to Owen Wilsons nose in real life?”

Here we explore the true story behind his unique nasal features, which appear cracked or broken in all his films, complimenting his signature blonde locks.

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What Happened To Owen Wilsons Nose?

Owen Wilson has been open about what really happened to his nose. In a 2001 interview, he recalled how two separate occurrences while growing up caused his nose to become crooked.

The first happened during his teenage years, after getting into a fight at St. Mark’s High School in Dallas. He ended up expelled from his high school for fighting. After that, Wilson’s parents enrolled him at the New Mexico Military Institute.

After breaking his nose in a high school fight, the actor had another memorable encounter that shaped his iconic nose for good. This time, it happened during a football game after taking a ball to his face.

Both encounters earned him his signature crooked nose that has garnered him an impressive cult following.

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What happened to Owen Wilsons nose | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

One More Impact

Years after sustaining his two nose-defining injuries as a youngster, Owen Wilson’s nose took another hit, which happened on the Thanksgiving of 2000.

That fateful day, the actor was riding a motorcycle when an accident sent him flying. Thankfully, his face broke the fall, and once again, his iconic nose took one for the team. The rest of his body remained without significant injuries. It appears Owen Wilson’s nose sure comes in handy.

What Owen Wilson Thinks Of His Nose

Owen Wilson’s nose is defined by the distinct attribute of appearing bent to one side, with one of the nostrils appearing oversized. The nose bridge also seems a bit off, appearing slightly depressed or flatter.

While cosmetic experts may point out several flaws and perhaps non-physical issues, Owen Wilson believes he has a great nose, with all the cracks making them more unique.

In fact, the actor once admitted he felt surprised by the number of people pointing out his nose looked kind of odd or disfigured. Unlike most, he was unbothered and admitted his nose would not have been that great if it never broke.

Did Owen Wilson Attempt To Fix His Nose?

In an era of cosmetic surgeries and major technological advancement, one would expect Owen Wilson to alter the shape of his nose, albeit surgically, with so much debate around it.

What happened to Owen Wilsons nose | Image: Pinterest

Notably, the actor has tried fixing his nose in the past. Per, Owen Wilson went under the knife at least two times to fix his nose.

However, his two rhinoplasties were never intended to reshape his nose but to improve their functionalities after significant injuries. The surgeries specifically targeted correcting his deviated septum after the school fight as a teen and then the football accident.

After piecing back his broken bones, the result was the iconic nose we now know today. Never going the cosmetic route turned out to be a blessing for the star, as it has contributed to his wholesome fame. In fact, aside from making him stand out in movies and TV shows, Owen Wilson’s nose has its own fanbase, with social media accounts dedicated to it.

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