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How Tall Is Arnold Schwarzenegger? Six Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Him

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Having snagged height-sensitive roles in such movies as “Terminator” and “The Expendables,” fans can’t help but wonder, “how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger?”

In November 2022, an unbelievably petty fact about Arnold Schwarzenegger made its way to the tabloids thanks to actor Sylvester Stallone’s open confession.

Notably, the “Rocky” star spilled the tea during an interview with Forbes, admitting he and Schwarzenegger were once sworn, enemies. Even more interesting was their hate for each other stemmed from a vain, petty reason.

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According to Stallone, they disliked each other because they were contenders in the same genre, and hence, each other’s competition. The star shared more details about Schwarzenegger, including his competitive nature. He divulged:

“So the competition, because it’s his nature, he is very competitive, and so am I. And I just thought it actually helped, but off-screen, we were still competitive, and that was not a healthy thing at all. But we’ve become really good friends.”

According to Stallone, their friendship only developed after they co-starred in the movies, “The Expendables,” and “Escape Plan,” both of which required well-built, huge, and athletic characters.

Thankfully, Arnold Schwarzenegger was tall enough to fit into the character, beginning a friendship that would last through their Hollywood stardom. So a tall, well-built, and competitive actor with a vain side? What other interesting facts can we unveil about the former California governor?

How Tall Is Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly a tall man with an athletic build. However, his actual height has sparked debate over the years.

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Many have speculated that the actor is shorter in real life than he appears in movies. However, the actor once addressed these assertions, referring to them as mere rumors and ridiculous. He further clarified that in real life, he stood at a whopping 6 feet and two inches or 188 cm.

However, this height seems to have shrunk in recent years owing to age. At 75 years old, the bodybuilder has seemingly shrunk to 6’ 1.5” per

He Embraced A Bodybuilding Career In Grade School

While bodybuilding undoubtedly helped Arnold Schwarzenegger progress so far in his acting career, not many realize just how long he has been in the art.

Notably, the former California governor first picked up a barbell at age thirteen and fell in love with the feeling he got. Hence, he began bodybuilding from then on, eventually choosing it as a career at fourteen.

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The star was so dedicated to the art that he broke into his local gym on weekends after closing hours just to train. He then became a professional bodybuilder at seventeen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s years of bodybuilding eventually paid off. At the age of twenty, the icon competed and won the annual Mr. Universe competition. Thus, he became the youngest person ever to win the competition.

Arnold Schwarzenegger body builder | 
Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

He Became The Youngest Mr. Universe In History

After his record-breaking win, the star continued appearing in numerous competitions that spotlighted his trim physique. Throughout his career as a bodybuilder, the actor won Mr. Universe competition four more times before retiring from bodybuilding at 33.

Long before gaining stardom as a bodybuilder and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger had his own flourishing business. The icon started a bricklaying business in California in 1968.

He Established A Bricklaying Business

Then 21, he dedicated time and expertise to his business, which kicked off right after his move to the United States. He partnered with fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbo to launch the venture, which reached its peak following the 1971 San Fernando earthquake.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Served In The Austrian Army But Landed In Military Jail

As a standing rule, all Austrian are expected to serve in the military for at least one year upon becoming an adult. Arnold was no exception.

When he turned eighteen, he joined the Austrian army. However, since this happened just months after his professional bodybuilding career kicked off, the star faced a difficult choice.

Faced between his service to his country and bodybuilding career, the star opted for the latter – at least for a brief moment. He went AWOL to participate in a bodybuilding competition. As a repercussion of his actions, he spent one week in military jail.

Arnold Schwarzenegger May Have Been An Illegal American Immigrant

Arnold Schwarzenegger| Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Schwarzenegger grew up poor in post-war Austria. However, he was determined to become successful and put in the work. At 21, he moved to the United States with nothing but his name, skills, and determination.

He barely spoke English then but managed to land a spot at Gold’s Gym in Vernice. There, he prepared for the Mr. Olympia competition. Before long, he started his bricklaying business to sustain himself until acting came calling.

Siskind and Susser, a firm of immigration lawyers, have claimed the actor may have violated his visa, making him an illegal immigrant.

He Was Not The First Choice To Play Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Today, it may be difficult to imagine the eighties movie “Terminator” without Schwarzenegger, but he almost never got the role. The actor was not James Cameron’s first choice to play the part.

In contrast to the tall physique and intimidating build that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a top pick, Cameron wanted someone that could better blend into the crowd.

He had his eyes set on actor Lance Henrikson. However, after meeting Schwarzenegger in person, he knew at once he found the perfect fit for the time-traveling killer cyborg rather than the hero Kyle Reese the studio initially considered him for. He went on to play the role at least five more times in reboots and sequels throughout his career.

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