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What Happened Between Future and Lori Harvey? A Glimpse Into Their Steamy Romance and Break Up

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Before their split, Lori Harvey and Future seemed like the perfect match for each other, each leaving behind a long trail of disgruntled exes.

Lori Harvey has a reputation for changing men and jumping between relationships without looking back. This time, she seems to have found something real, enjoying a blissful romance with Michael B. Jordan, never hesitating to show him off to the world.

Many are positive her new beau would be the charm that finally keeps the model on the love boat long enough to soar through a lifetime. Given how fond of each other they both seem and the genuiness of their relationship, this is most likely.

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Steve Harvey believes so too. After all, the comedian openly gave the couple his blessings and is admittedly rooting for them. Notably, the same cannot be said about the other men who make up the 25-year-old’s list of exes.

Future and Lori Harvey | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Most of Harvey’s relationships have been plagued with drama, ending almost as unceremoniously as they began. Her last romance was with rapper and father-of-eight, Future, who not-so-coincidentally matched her notoriety for discarding partners and switching relationships. 

In fact, when their romance first went public, many believed them a perfect fit for each other. Yet, what seemed at first a match made in heaven eventually came crumbling. With little clarity surrounding their break up, what exactly happened between Lori Harvey and Future?

What Happened Between Future And Lori Harvey?

Former Hollywood sweethearts Future and Lori Harvey dated on and off for two years but only made things official in early 2020.

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Just when their relationship seemed destined for the stars, the pair went their separate ways, bringing an end to their once-blossoming romance.

They have since moved on with other partners and seem to have a somewhat complicated relationship now. However, neither Harvey nor Future have stepped forward to address the reason behind their split or the resulting tension.

A Look Into Their Romance

Lori Harvey and Future first raised dating speculations in December 2018 after the rapper shared a picture of them cozying up together on Instagram.

The internet mediately went abuzz with comments from those anticipating more juicy details about the burgeoning romance.

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However, no confirmation came from Harvey’s end as she opted instead to remain mum on the subject nor did she post about him on social media.

Perhaps their affair at the time was not as solid as fans would have hoped. Harvey spent the next two years exploring other relationships.

Lori Harvey was linked with rappers like Trey Songz and Diddy Combs before eventually making progress in her affair with Future.

The twosome raised eyebrows in December 2019 when they journeyed to Lagos, Nigeria for the rapper’s headline concert.

Days later, they gave off more action, hitting Jamaica on a steamy getaway to mark Harvey’s 23rd birthday. Photos of them flooded the internet, stirring excitement among fans.

Soon after, the model posted a clip of her and the 38-year-old rapper sharing a quick peck on Instagram. The post served as the confirmation the world needed that the duo had become an item.

The Break-Up

At the onset of the pandemic, speculations that the lovebirds intended to quarantine together surfaced after the 25-year-old shared a pic of them cuddling up.

However, things seemed to go south by the end of the quarantine period. The two stirred break-up rumors in August 2020 after deleting each other’s photos from their respective social media accounts.

Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter eventually moved out of her ex’s penthouse in Los Angeles, into her parent’s Beverly Hills home.

As with previous relationships and breakups, Lori Harvey never made an official announcement, or state a reason for the split.

Why Did Lori Harvey And Future Break Up?

The breakup between Future and Lori Harvey came as unexpectedly as their romance. With no definitive timeline, one could hardly pinpoint how long their fling lasted or when things went wrong.

Notwithstanding, it appears several factors might have contributed to it. Many believe the artist’s legal feud with his baby mama Eliza Reign might have played a part.

While quitting a relationship due to such drama seems logical, insiders believe otherwise. A source close to the couple shared their take on the break-up, describing it as amicable.

Future and Lori Harvey | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Going further, the insider revealed nothing bad happened between the duo. On the contrary, Harvey’s young age and Future’s busy schedule which kept him constantly on the road made it difficult for things to work out.

Things May Not Be As Amiable As Sources Claim

While sources insist there was no bad blood between the former couple, their activities so far suggest otherwise.

Future especially has thrown some major jealous tantrums since his split from Lori. In May 2020, the icon, who has a reputation for dissing his exes in his tracks, went straight for Harvey’s neck.

The star released an extended version of his track, “Maybach,” where he dropped the lines, “tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her.”

The overblown reference to Harvey came barely four months after the former equestrian made her relationship with Michael B. Jordan Instagram official.

In her usual graceful nature, Harvey failed to react to the diss track, choosing instead to be the bigger person. She would later clap back at her ex in an interview next month. Explaining how she chose to deal with her ex’s jealous rage, the model revealed:

“I Just try to stay up here and take the high road in every situation.”

Harvey hopes her decision to rise above the drama rather than stoop to “that level” would serve as a positive example to her fans.

Lori Harvey Has Since Moved On

Thankfully, following her episode with the notorious “toxic lord,” Lori Harvey found love and happiness with Jordan. The happy couple first sparked dating rumors in November after photos of them disembarking from a flight together emerged.

They confirmed their romance in January 2021, making things official by sharing each other’s photos on Instagram. Since then, the pair have remained inseparable, doing everything together, from working out to enjoying steamy getaways.

Dating Michael B. Jordan, a fan-approved nice guy, is a much-needed break from Lori Harvey’s many complicated high-profile relationships in the past. Hopefully, these two would find their way to the altar soon enough and cement their stance as Hollywood’s most-enviable power couple.

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