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What Everyone Should Know About 50 Cent’s Kids

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50 cent might be a talented rapper and actor to millions of fans, but outside the industry, he has greater responsibilities, including being a dad to his kids.

Rapper 50 Cent has been in the public eye since 1996, weaving his way into hearts one rap song at a time. His venture into the movie scenes also helped cement his stance as an indispensable Hollywood legend.

While his Hollywood career has seen several breakthroughs, the star has also seen his fair share of catastrophes. From financial debts which forced him into bankruptcy in the mid-10s, to trouble in his personal life, the star has seen it all.

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Despite his seemingly busy life in the last 26 years and counting, the icon managed to pass on his artistic genes, welcoming children of his own. But his Hollywood journey has not always been all clouds and roses. Let’s dive into 50 Cent’s life as a dad and discover facts about his kids.

How Many Kids Does 50 Cent Have?

50 cent has two kids, with two different women, both of whom are male. His first son, Marquise Jackson came from his relationship with Shaniqua Tompkins, whom he dated in the nineties and 2000s, while his second son, Sire was a product of his romance with ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy.

While the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson is undoubtedly proud to be a dad, his fatherhood journey has been somewhat bumpy. This is especially true of his strained relationship with his eldest son.

50 Cent’s Son Marquise Jackson

Born on October 13, 1997, Marquise Jackson is the oldest of 50 Cent’s kids. The young man and his dad had a great relationship during the early stages of his life. However, things changed following the “Get Rich Or Die Trying” star’s breakup with his mom Shaniqua.

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Their split resulted in a feud between the exes, with Shaniqua accusing 50 Cent of setting the home he promised the mother-son ablaze while they resided in it.

Although the arson did happen, the rapper denied the allegations, eventually clearing his name of all charges. But Shaniqua and Cent’s feud prevailed, ultimately seeping into their son. Marquise once divulged:

“It completely went south when I was 10 or 11. He wasn’t really around enough. It kind of dwindled down as time went on and certain events happened.”

Their once harmonious relationship seemed to have gone down the drain, replaced by unmasked disdain and rivalry.

Notwithstanding, Marquise seems to be following in his dad’s footsteps. He grew up to become a rapper and actor, just like his famous dad. The young artist has also garnered an impressive fandom and has openly butted heads with his dad on social media on occasions.

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Over time, 50 Cent came to reciprocate his son’s feelings, once admitting in an interview that he loathed the boy and would not mind if he got hit by a bus.

50 Cent’s Second Son Sire Jackson

Like his older brother, Sire Johnson was born into the spotlight thanks to his mom Daphne Joy’s relationship with 50 Cent. He landed the planet on September 1, 2012, while the actor was still dating Joy, a professional model.

Despite his young age, Sire seems to already have a thing going for him career-wise. When he was just two years old, he landed a modeling contract with Kidz Safe Headphones worth a whopping $700,000.

The youngster has also enjoyed his fair share of his dad’s affluence. The hip-hop artist once revealed he set up a trust fund for his son so he could enjoy these riches at a later time of his life when he became more mature.

Meanwhile, planning a great future for his kids has not hampered 50 Cent from performing the fatherly roles in the present.

In 2019, Sire’s mom took to social media to gush about how the icon rented out an entire toy store to grant his son’s Christmas wish. The shop-till-you-drop experience cost the actor $100,000, which he willingly parted with.

To date, 50 Cent shares a loving relationship with the now-10-year-old, taking to social media to gush about him every chance he got.

Does 50 Cent Have Other Kids?

Reports of 50 Cent having a third son flooded the internet in 2016. These speculations surfaced after the rapper surprised his fans with an announcement introducing the world to his “third son” Davian.

Via Instagram, he gushed about the then kid’s excellent academic performance and how proud it made him. He accompanied the post with a photo of him and the kid posing alongside each other as they shared an emotional moment.

The rapper however remained mum about the identity of the child’s mother, leaving many to speculate it was yet another prank from the King of Trolls. Notwithstanding, the revelation raised brows for a while until things took an interesting turn.

50 Cent poses with a young fan, Davian Frasier once alleged to be his third son | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

A Prank Gone Wrong

During an interview in May that year, the rap legend admitted Davian was not his biological son, but a fan he was particularly fond of and treated as a son. A statement released by his rep also confirmed it. But the damage had already been done.

The boy’s mom, Myasia Dickerson filed a $5.5 million lawsuit against the Department of Education in 2016 for failing to protect Davian from bullies. She also accused 50 Cent of being solely responsible for her son’s tragic fate.

The aggrieved mom claimed the rapper’s friendship and eventual prank about being her son’s dad led to the boy, Davian Frasier’s bullying at school.

It appears his fondness for the boy almost landed him in more unsolicited financial messes, an unwelcome development for the icon who opened up about his bankruptcy around that time.

Meanwhile, the 46-year old’s continuous onslaught of debts and lawsuits has gradually driven him towards the league of celebrities who went from rich to broke owing to wrong choices in their career journey. But with two kids, a sustaining career and an estimated net worth of $30 million, 50 Cent seems on the right track to recovery.

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