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What Are the Most Iconic Movies and TV Shows Starring Gary Sinise?

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Gary Sinise has credits in various movies and TV shows, but some of these projects stand out among the others due to his remarkable performance.

While his philanthropic works are commendable, his roles in iconic movies and television shows over the years are what makes Gary Sinise the infamous figure he has become. Among his numerous performances, his portrayal of Lt. Dan, a disabled Vietnam veteran in “Forrest Gump” has earned the actor the most career recognition.

But more than fame, the role started Sinise on a philanthropic path he still threads nearly three decades later. Notably, the movie sparked Sinise’s interest in helping veterans from various countries, and the eventual launch of the Gary Sinise Foundation in 2011.

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Gary Sinise as Lt. Dan | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The passion for Sinise has over the years given hope to injured or displaced veterans, who served their respective countries for years and surpassed numerous challenges including loss of loved ones or disabling injuries.

Sinise revealed he founded the foundation to support America’s veterans, defenders, first responders, and their families. This passion went on to inspire his new book, “Grateful American: A Journey From Self to Service.”

The book was an ode to the numerous heroes the actor has encountered over the years. And it all began with one little role in “Forrest Gump.”

Hence, the 1994 pilot starring Gary Sinise and Tom Hanks is one movie that would forever be etched in people’s hearts. Aside from the 90s classics, here are five top movies and TV shows through which Gary Sinise left a mark.

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1. “The Green Mile”

Gary Sinise movies and TV shows, The Green Mile | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The 1999 movie, “The Green Mile” is yet another collaboration between Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise. It takes life from a Stephen King story, set in a death row prison in the 1930s.

The mind-blowing performance of Hanks as the head guard, coupled with Sinise’s appearance quickly won over the hearts of viewers. It followed an inmate played by Michael Clarke Duncan,” who was on death row on allegation of a terrible crime.

However, the head prison guard begins questioning his sentence after noticing the inmate’s extraordinary gift. To date, “The Green Mile” remains one of the best movies and TV shows to feature Gary Sinise.

2. “Apollo 13”

Gary Sinise movies and TV shows, Apollo 13 | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

As a major character in the 1995 film, “Apollo 13,” Gary Sinise put forth an outstanding performance as a NASA officer tasked with bringing home three stranded astronauts from space after their mission to the moon went wrong.

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The film was based on the real-life account of one of the most dangerous space missions underwent by NASA in history. It followed three stranded astronauts trapped on the moon after their spaceship parts malfunctioned.

Aside from the air of danger and adventures throughout the movie as the men battle for survival, the trio of Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton gave the movie a life of its own. Despite being a 90s movie, Ron Howard channeled some futuristic technologies that made the period drama worth every coin.

3. “A Midnight Clear”

A Midnight Clear | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Years before snagging his life-defining part of Lt. Dan, Gary Sinise had shown how skillful he could be rendering military roles. one of his earliest was in the 1992 film, “A Midnight Clear.”

The movie followed a group of American soldiers battling for survival after a heavy snowstorm cut off their supplies. Further worsening their plight, the group found themselves stuck in enemy territory, forcing them to make difficult choices.

“A Midnight Clear” spotlighted Gary Sinise as one of the isolated soldiers, alongside Ethane Hawke, then an upcoming actor. The duo made the otherwise cliché military film a classic in its own rights.

4. “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”

Gary Sinise on Beyond Borders | image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Starring Gary Sinise as Jack Garrett, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” which premiered in 2016 focuses on a division of the FBI tasked with cases outside the United States.

With their help, several US citizens battling criminal cases abroad eventually find consolation. As the fictional character, Garrett, Sinise channeled his inner military man once again.

The character was a 20-year veteran, serving as the unit chief of the International Response Team. He played the role through its 2-seasons run, making it a must-watch for TV and movie lovers.

5. “Ransom”

Gary Sinise in Ransom | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Not every day does one get to see Gary Sinise portraying a villain, making the 1996 thriller, “Ransom” a masterpiece. Starring Sinise, Rene Russo, and Mel Gibson among other talented actors, the film tells the story of a wealthy businessman forced to endure some of his most devastating moments after his son’s kidnapping.

The kidnappers, led by Sinise’s character, tried to squeeze a huge ransom out of the tycoon in exchange for his son.

However, the tables turned when the businessman figured he had slim chances of getting his son back, and decided instead to come at them with everything within his means.

The clash of two Hollywood Titans, Mel Gibson, and Gary Sinise, or at least their characters, is certainly enough to make any movie a blockbuster.

These movies and TV shows over the years contributed to making Gary Sinise the influential figure the world knows today. And thankfully, he never shies away from giving back, using his acquired fame and fortune as a stepping stone.

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