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Weslie Fowler: Meet Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ Daughter

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2023 has been a challenging year for Weslie Fowler. She lost her father, Stephen’ tWitch’ Boss, in December 2022 and has been working hard to move forward ever since. Towards the end of February, Weslie took to social media for the first time since news of Steven tWitch dying was reported. 

She intended to share a tribute to her late father, which went viral as soon as it went up. Weslie shared it via TikTok, and it saw her posing in front of the camera while holding the phone in one hand. 

The late Mac Miller’s 2020 song Surf played in the background. The song was released two years after Mac Miller’s death. He also passed away from suicide, and many believe that had to do with why Weslie chose that specific song. In her caption, Weslie wrote: “I Miss You.” 

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It has been several long months since she lost her father, but Weslie is still healing. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about her. 

Weslie Fowler with her parents
Weslie Fowler with her parents. (Source: Pinterest)

Is Weslie Fowler Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ Biological Daughter?

She was born Weslie Renae Fowler, but while she had a great relationship with the late DJ, she was not his biological child. He adopted her when he married her mother, dancer and choreographer Allison Holker.

According to reports, Weslie is a product of Holker’s previous relationship. However, the identity of her father remains a mystery. Steven tWitch and Holker first shared a picture of her on Instagram in 2015. It did not take long for her to gain followers, and her Instagram page now boasts over 100k followers. 

Weslie Fowler Career

She is still a teenager, but Weslie has showcased a business acumen that might make her an entrepreneur. Weslie is known to create handloom bracelets with her best friend, Preslie, and she uses her social media page to promote it. Her bracelets can be purchased via a website, and Weslie reportedly donates 10% of her profits to an organization that works towards ending child trafficking.

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Weslie Fowler Age

She entered this world on May 26, 2008, which makes her 14 now. Her 14th birthday was celebrated this year without her adopted father, making it her first one without him since he entered her life. 

Weslie Fowler with her parents
Weslie Fowler with her parents. (Source: Pinterest)

Weslie Fowler Siblings 

Aside from Weslie, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss and Holker had two other children, Maddox and Zaia, who are biological products of their marriage. All three siblings get along well, and the couple had been looking forward to expanding their family again. 

In November 2022, he and Holker appeared on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.” When the host asked them if they missed having a newborn around, Holker said: “I sure do. I think we would love to start trying for another one.”

Her husband was also on the same page. He said: “We do. I love the babies. I love them. It’s a constant conversation.” They never got around to making any more of those babies they talked about because just a month after that appearance, Stephen tWitch took his own life. 

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What Were Steven tWitch’s Last Words Before He Died? 

Stephen tWitch Boss’ suicide shocked the world because nobody suspected something was amidst until it was too late. His granddad, Eddy Boss, revealed that they had conversations in the days preceding his death, and all had seemed well.  

Eddy said: “We spoke as recently as Saturday on more than one occasion. He was the same happy-go-lucky person that he’s always been. We had no indication that anything was out of the ordinary.”

Stephen tWitch Boss
Stephen tWitch Boss. (Source: Pinterest)

Even his wife, Holker, confessed that she had no idea he was suffering. She was the one who alerted the authorities about her missing husband when she realized he left their home without the car. 

He was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a hotel room. However, according to his granddad, he sent what now appears to be his last words over text before he died. 

Eddy said: “Every word has meaning. His last words to me were a simple text that says, “I love you, Dad-Dad.” Our question is, why? Where did it come from?” 

He has also mentioned his uncertainty that the actual cause of Stephen tWitch’s death was suicide. Other famous faces who died by suicide include Aaron Carter, Naomi Judd, and Chris Cornell. 

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