Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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HomeNewsUS Capitol Police Arrests Pro-Palestinian Protesters Inside Cannon House Office Building

US Capitol Police Arrests Pro-Palestinian Protesters Inside Cannon House Office Building

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US Capitol Police Arrests Pro-Palestinian Protesters Inside Cannon House Office Building
Source: MSN

The U.S. Capitol Police arrested many pro-Palestinian protesters in the Cannon House Office Building. The multiple demonstrators staged a die-in with a banner that read “ceasefire now” in the rotunda of the building. However, they were not permitted to protest in that area. 

Therefore, the police warned them, informing them they needed to leave. One officer used a megaphone to give a “final warning” to the protesters as they dropped roses onto the banner and laid on the floor. However, while some of them left, many remained steadfast and waited.

“Alright, folks, you are demonstrating in an area not permitted to do so. This will be your final warning,” the officer said. “If you do not wish to be arrested, you will need to exit the building through those doors . . . . This is your third and final warning.” 

For those who heeded the warnings, they left on their own terms. However, for those who remained there, the police had no choice but to arrest them. One by one, police officers detained them and led them away from the building. 

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The protesters were from many different ethnic backgrounds but came together to show their unwavering support for Palestine. They chanted “Cease fire now” several times, as loudly as they could.  

Many of them wore pro-Palestinian apparel and shirts from the group United We Dream. The group describes itself as the “largest immigrant youth-led network in the country” that is “leading the fight for the dignity and respect of all immigrants. They also help with protests in different parts of the country, taking a strong stance for Palestine. 

Many pro-Palestinian protesters used the period of Valentine to try to create more awareness for Gaza. Across the world, several protestors took to the streets to let their voices speak for those in Palestine. They held up signs like “Would You Free My Palestine?” 

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This was a play on the popular phrase “Would you be my Valentine?” Another common sign is “Free my Palestine,” a play on “Be my Valentine.” This demonstration comes as the Israeli military is planning to attack the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip soon.

“All eyes on Rafah” was another popular sign during the protests, signifying the potential attack by Israel. This attack will do a lot of damage, as many refugees are in Rafah right now. In fact, the population there has increased from about 280,000 to almost 1.7 million over the past couple of months. 

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Therefore, a hit on Rafah will do immeasurable damage to the population. As it stands, Israel is not backing down in its attack on Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated this in a post on X just last week.

“We will fight until complete victory, and this includes a powerful action also in Rafah after we allow the civilian population to leave the battle zones,” he wrote. 

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