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Tyler Perry Faces Heavy Criticism Over Repetitive “Struggle” Narrative in Movies After Release of New Trailer

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Following the trailer release of Tyler Perry’s 25th feature film, “Divorce in the Black,” Perry has been subject to online criticism. Many social media users claimed that the new movie showed no difference from Perry’s other 24 feature films.    

According to his supporters, they have quietly stood aside and watched as the successful black filmmaker repeats the same storyline in different films. However, this time, they were not going to stay quiet, as they chose to express their discontentment with the playwright.

The movie titled Divorce in the Black stars a couple of big names in the black movie industry, such as Meagan Good, Cory Hardrict, Richard Lawson, and Debbi Morgan. The film centers around a young black woman named Ava and her struggles after her husband, Dallas decides to leave their marriage.

However, Ava is determined to fight for their marriage, but fate soon reveals Dallas’ evil deeds, further ruining their chance of being together. This is the plot summary for the romantic thriller. Since 2022, Good, Hardrict, and Lawson have all made news about concerns of the heart. Some optimistic viewers believe Perry deliberately chose the three actors so they would draw from their personal experiences for the role.

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After a nine-year marriage, Good and studio executive DeVon Franklin annouced their separation in 2021. Their love story in their joint book, “The Wait,” inspired hundreds of others, leading many to believe they were a marriage made in heaven.

It has been a year since the actor from “All American: Homecoming” and Tia Mowry’s divorce. In October 2022, the 14-year-old married pair called it quits. Within six months of filing for divorce, both parties agreed to share custody of their two children, Cairo, their daughter, and Cree, their boy.

It came to light in July 2023 that Knowles had filed for divorce following an eight-year marriage. Lawson’s unruly conduct and interest in graphic stuff on Twitter came to light around the same period.

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However, it seems that people have grown tired of the constant narrative about a black female character in marital woes. This comes after the release of the Netflix film ‘Mea Culpa,’ in which Kelly Rowland plays the main character along with Trevante Rhodes. The movie received a cold reception, scoring only 18% on ‘Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix Users Slam Tyler Perry’s “Mea Culpa” as the Thriller Earns Low Ratings

Fans had taken to X to express their dissatisfaction with the move and the playwright. An X user had said that Perry needed to go to therapy—an intense one at that. Another user had asked what Perry’s obsession with falling marriage was, and if he could make one about a successful marriage. 

Another disappointed fan responded with irony, saying that Perry’s new movie was just what the black community needed.

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Perry, 54, was born in New Orleans to a carpenter father, Emmitt Perry Jr., and a church-going mother, Willie Maxine Perry. According to IMDb, the two had a tense and violent relationship that contributed to the movie mogul’s teenage melancholy.

I was motivated to utilize writing as a method of therapy in 1991 after watching “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” His play, “I Know I’ve Changed,” was an adaptation of letters, but it wasn’t compelling enough to draw crowds. Perry’s play had a second hit in 1998, attracting the interest of investors and launching his lucrative career.

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