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The Truth Behind Nick Cannon’s Neck Tattoo

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Following divorce from ex-wife Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon got a new tattoo on his neck symbolic of the things he holds most dear.

Famed for his contributions to the world of showbiz as a rapper, TV host, producer, comedian and actor, Nick Cannon’s life is one story to tell. His numerous life experiences and travails all contributed to making him the legend he became.

Like the icon he is, Cannon understands the significance of all his milestones and makes a point of engraving them in the sands of time. When he can’t, inking them in his body as a lifetime reminder has sufficed, hence his numerous tattoos.

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Nick Cannon neck tattoo | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Years back, the actor marked himself with one of his most significant tats, running from his neck to his lower back. The finished work cost well over 30 hours but was worth it given the beautiful story behind it.

He has since done some add-ons to the massive tat, to make it more up-to-date and representative of his memorable moments. Here we discuss the true meaning behind Nick Cannon’s neck tattoo and his other most significant body inks over the years.

What Did Nick Cannon Tattoo On His Neck?

Nick Cannon debuted his neck tattoo in 2015. The massive inkwork, etched from his neck down to his lower back featured a dove, a crucifixion scene and two cherubs.

Finishing off the masterpiece, the comedian inscribed a text that read, “Father Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

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Cannon underwent the 30-hour long painful process at Inked NYC, a Covina California parlor. Tattooist Maria Garza drew the beautiful piece, making sure to represent every symbolic detail.

Nick Cannon displays his tattooed neck and back | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

What Is The Meaning Behind Nick Cannon’s Neck Tattoo?

It is believed Nick Cannon got his neck tattoo as a nod to his ex-wife and their two children together. The two cherubs supposedly represent twins Moroccan and Monroe, who the record producer shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey.

He launched the tattoo in the wake of his divorce from the songstress, finalized in 2016.

Before that, Nick Cannon did some touch-ups on one of his previous tats, erasing the Mariah Carey Tattoo inked on his back and replacing it with a crucifixion tattoo. The star’s neck tattoo seems like an upgrade of the already-existing crucifixion tattoo on his back.

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In 2022, the singer added yet another twist to his neck tattoo. This time, he underwent the procedure under two artists Sherri Austria and Maria Garza. The result was additional tats on his neck and chest.

Everything Nick Cannon Said About His Tattoos

Following his tattoo session at Inked NYC, Cannon graced an interview where he spoke in detail about his numerous body tattoos.

He admitted the single eye inked across his throat was a real-life depiction of his mom’s eyes. For him, that served as a reminder that a woman was the closest thing to “God” on the planet, thanks to her ability to give life.

Cannon pointed out that the cherubs represented his kids with Carey. The add-on to his previous Mariah Carey Tattoo represented the road through which Christ was dragged during his passion.

The film producer also shed light on  the tattoo of the crucifixion scene as well as the word quoted underneath, saying:

 “To me, that’s the greatest example of love. And it’s also a crazy example that’s just resilient and strength. Like if I wanted to, I could act in a negative form, but I chose to go to the higher frequency and pray for you.”

Nick Cannon’s Other Tattoos

Other significant tattoos Nick Cannon boasts of include a huge drawing of a frightening devilish figure clutching a dripping heart. The tattoo, inked on the back of his upper right arm, was drawn after his divorce.

He also boasts of a huge picture of Christ on the cross with emerging angel wings, a symbolic replacement of his Mariah Carey tattoo.

Additionally, after suffering the loss of his son, Zen Cannon with model Alyssa Scott in December 2021, Nick Cannon went under the knife again to have his lost baby permanently engraved in his body.

While appearing on his talk show later that month, the icon unveiled the new tattoo. He explained his decision to tattoo the baby on his rib following his death at 5-month-old from brain cancer

Cannon stressed that although the process was a painful one, he enjoyed every moment of the experience knowing it offered a chance to have his son forever etched on his ribs.

The star’s unique way of immortalizing memorable moments and people shows just how much he values love, family, and relationships despite his fatherhood escapades.

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