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The Story Behind Nick Cannon’s ‘Mariah’ Tattoo

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Nick Cannon has gotten rid of his famous “Mariah” tattoo. But why did he cover up the tattoo? Read on to find out more. 

Hollywood actor Nick Cannon is not solely a talented actor who is also very good at hosting shows. The “Masked Singer” is also a rapper, comedian, and business entrepreneur.

The famous star who rose to fame as a young actor is one of the most versatile entertainers in the industry. Since his debut, he has appeared in multiple top-charting movies and highly successful shows.

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However, Nick’s highly successful career is not the only thing that often gets him in the news. The handsome actor is also known for his notorious romantic exploits. Like many celebrities, Nick has dated many women in the industry.

Nick Cannon
Image: Pinterest

His first foray into a romantic relationship with another celebrity came during the early 2000s. Although there were rumors that he had a fling with Nicole Scherzinger in the ‘90s, the actor’s first official celebrity relationship happened in 2003.

After co-starring with actress and songwriter Christina Milian in the movie “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” the pair started dating. But unfortunately, their relationship lasted for just two years before splitting. 

Nick’s next romantic relationship happened with Kim Kardashian. Before the latter became involved with Kris Humphries, she dated Nick. But just like her marriage to Humphries, their relationship also did not last.

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After Kim Kardashian, Nick started dating actress and model Selita Ebanks. Their relationship led to an engagement in 2007 after Nick proposed. However, after just five months, they called it off.

Nevertheless, Nick’s next relationship would be his most prolonged and probably the most serious. The actor got together with singer Mariah Carey, and in 2018, just months into their relationship, they exchanged marital vows.

Nick and Mariah Get Wedding Tattoos

Nick first proposed to Mariah with Jacob and Co’s 17-carat pink diamond ring. The couple, however, tried to keep their relationship private to avoid prying eyes. In addition, they wanted to prevent people from questioning their decision to get married just three weeks into their romance.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey
Image: Pinterest

However, the pair surprised fans when they announced they had gotten married at Mariah’s home in the Bahamas. The singer explained they felt like soulmates, and she never thought a love like that would happen to her.

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After saying their vows, Nick and Mariah got tattoos to commemorate their romance. The rapper got “Mariah” tattooed across his back while Mariah had “Mrs. Cannon” tattooed to her lower back.

Nick Cannon 'Mariah' Tattoo
Image: Pinterest

Three years into their marriage, on April 30, 2011, the couple became parents to twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon. With the addition of their kids, the couple’s romance came full circle.

However, things took a wrong turn in 2014 when the couple sadly separated. Afterward, Nick filed for divorce, spelling the end of their relationship. Nevertheless, it took two years before their divorce became finalized.

Mariah revealed she and Nick could have worked things out in her book, but their egos and emotions got in the way. Also, learning to work as parents in the entertainment industry got difficult for them to manage.

Nick Covers ‘Mariah’ Tattoo

After filing for divorce from Mariah, Nick decided to get rid of the tattoo he got after their marriage. To do this, the rapper checked into a tattoo studio in California to cover up his soon-to-be ex-wife’s name. 

Nick opted for an even bigger tattoo to cover up his previous one. The actor had a massive drawing of Jesus on the cross, which stretched down his back. He also had the image of a dove placed on his neck right above the cross.

Nick Cannon covers 'Mariah' Tattoo
Image: Pinterest

Subsequently, the actor had more extensive work done on the tattoo. Next, Nick visited a tattoo parlor in Covina, California, where he spent 30 hours getting his back tattoo altered.

The new tattoo features a cherub representing his kids on each side of the cross. He then had a text, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” added below.

Nick Cannon back tattoo
Image: Pinterest

 Nick Gets Another Tattoo To Honor Late Son

After his marriage ended, Nick started a relationship with an actress and model, Brittany Bell. In 2017 they welcomed their son Golden and a daughter named Powerful Queen in 2020. 

Since then, Nick has gone on to father three more kids with different women. In addition, the actor welcomed twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with broadcaster Abby De La Rosa. 

For the seventh time, he became a father when model Alyssa Scott gave birth to their son Zen. Sadly their son passed away six months after his birth due to brain cancer.

While hosting “The Masked Singer” weeks after his son’s death, Nick revealed he got a tattoo of the kid. Before starting his “Pic of the Day” segment, the actor thanked the audience before holding up an image of the tattoo.  He said:

‘Last night, I got the opportunity to get a tattoo of my son Zen as an angel on my rib. I’m still all bandaged up, and it hurts right here right now.”

Nick explained that getting the tattoo caused him much pain, but it was worth it, and he enjoyed every moment. 

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