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Trump Supporter Wearing MAGA Hat Accuses American Airlines Of Discrimination

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A woman who identified as a Trump supporter has made the news after creating a scene on an American Airlines flight. Heather Mullins, who is an independent journalist, accused one of the flight attendants of discrimination. 

Heather Mullins
Source: @TalkMullins/X

Mullins, who took some pictures on the flight, has shared them on social media to draw attention to the incident. 

What Happened? 

According to Mullins, who wore a MAGA hat on board, the attendant intentionally ignored her while taking drink orders. The episode occurred when Mullins was flying on a first-class ticket from Detroit to Philadelphia on Sunday, June 16, 2024. 

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American Air plane
Source: @AmericanAir/X

Mullins, who was shocked by the incident, believes that the attendant identified her by her hat as a Trump supporter and consequently maltreated her. 

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She Was Served Last

Mullins revealed that the attendant skipped her while taking orders from passengers and only returned to her after she had attended to every other traveler on the plane. “I was the last one to get served,” she narrated. 

Staff of American Air
Source: @AmericanAir/X

Mullins said that just after the attendant moved past her to take other orders, she raised objections and asked the attendant why she was ignored. 

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It Wasn’t an Error

She had thought the attendant would apologize for what she believed was an honest mistake. Instead, the airline staff dismissed her complaints.

American Air plane
Source: @AmericanAir/X

Narrating the incident, Mullins continued, “She asked the guy next to me and then walked away. I thought it was odd she didn’t ask me. So when she came back, I asked her if I could get a drink, and in the nastiest voice, she was like, ‘No. I’ll be back for you.’”

A Divided Country 

This incident is just one of thousands of political discrimination allegations in the United States. Events such as this show how politically divided the country has become recently.  

Democrat and Republican Symbols
Source: @DietterBrullman/X

Political leaders have often demonized their opponents and encouraged supporters to harm people with contrary ideologies. Also, allegations of election interference and voter fraud from the two leading political parties have created a gulf between citizens. 

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The Story Went Viral

Shortly after, Mullins reported the incident on X (formerly Twitter). “I just had the flight attendant for @AmericanAirlines SKIP ME in first class when asking everyone if they wanted a drink!!,” she wrote. 

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Source: @TalkMullins/X

“I’m honestly in shock. It’s sad that just happened in America. But so grateful for all the kind people around me saying how awful it was she did that to me,” she added. 

Did She Report to the Airline? 

Mullins said she also reported the issue to American Airlines authorities. “Tried to file a complaint during my layover,” she said. However, she expressed sadness at the response she received from them. 

American Air plane
Source: @AmericanAir/X

According to Mullins, she kept getting tossed around from one airline representative to another. In the end, her bid to seek redress was unsuccessful. 

She Took a Picture of the Airline Attendant 

Before the airplane episode ended, Mullins succeeded in taking some photographs of the Airline staff. She later shared the photo of the attendant on her X account, along with another one showing the attendant’s ID card. 

Heather Mullins
Source: @TalkMullins/X

She posted the photos and wrote, “Here’s the flight attendant that didn’t want to serve me a drink because I was wearing a MAGA hat.” 

The Airline Authorities Later Reached Out to Her

Eventually, the airline contacted Mullins to apologize for the embarrassment she went through and to confirm that they had received her complaint. 

Source: @AmericanAir/X

She revealed this in another X post, in which she wrote, “Someone from @AmericanAir just called, apologized, and said they are putting in the complaint and notifying the inflight management.” However, the caller released some unpalatable information. 

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Private Discipline

Mullins told her social media viewers that the airline would not notify her of the outcome of their investigation. According to her, that’s what the airline representative told her on the phone. 

Source: Pinterest

“He said, ultimately, I won’t know what actions they take on her. It could be a ‘don’t do this again,’ or if she has a history of issues, she could be let go. But I won’t be notified,” she explained. However, Mullins wasn’t satisfied by this approach. 

Discriminated Against for the First Time

In the middle of all the drama, Mullins was gracious enough to state that it was the first time she would face discrimination. She also said that most Americans she’s met are accommodating and aren’t like the flight attendants. 

Mullins and Trump
Source: @TalkMullins/X

“I’ve worn my MAGA hat every time I’ve flown for the last four years and got thousands of fist bumps. NEVER got any hate. Well, there’s a first time for everything.”

American Airlines Responds

After Mullins had spread the word on social media, American Airlines released a statement through a spokesperson stating that “American Airlines strives to provide a positive and welcoming experience to everyone who travels with us.” 

American Air Aeroplane
Source: @AmericanAir/X

 “We are investigating the matter, including reaching out to the customer to learn more about her experience,” the statement continued. 

What Did X Users Have to Say? 

Mullins received a lot of sympathy from the comments under her post. An overwhelming majority of the responses stated that the attendant deserved to lose her job. 

Mullins and Trump
Source: @TalkMullins/X

Meanwhile, Mullins’ story emboldened many Trump supporters to showcase their political inclinations even more. One even vowed to put on a MAGA hat on his next flight. At the least, Mullins should be happy that her experience added some more steam to the MAGA fanbase.

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