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Trump Condemns Judge’s $355 Million Penalty, Claims His Persecution Will Lead to Demise of US

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Trump Condemns Judge’s $355 Million Penalty, Claims His Persecution Will Lead to Demise of US
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Speculations have been flying around for weeks that a judge might order former President Donald Trump to pay a $355 million penalty. When this became a reality, Trump was beyond pissed about the verdict. The current frontrunner in the Republican nomination contest sharply used a speech to criticize the judge’s order. 

This was after a court found him liable for conspiring to inflate his net worth. The saga started after a court ordered Trump to pay $83.3 million to columnist E. Jean Carroll. She has sued Trump for defamation and won the case successfully. 

However, his resistance to pay led to the court discovering that he conspired to inflate his net worth. Hence, the huge sanction. As the Republican has been in many court cases over the years, it seems as though he may be running low on cash.  

Several courts have charged him millions of dollars in fines, making it obvious why he would inflate his net worth. However, Trump believes he should not be prosecuted at all as a political figure. His presidential immunity protected him for a while, but people immediately hit him with court cases from all angles when he left office. 

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The former president believes the many court rulings against him are a form of political persecution. He also claims they can potentially turn the U.S. into a “third-world country.”

At a campaign rally in Waterford Township in Michigan, he took his time to address this issue. According to Politico, Trump “immediately unleashed an angry tirade against the country’s legal system” and dedicated the “first 15 minutes” of his address to the issue.  

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“If this persecution of political opponents continues, no one will want to do business in the United States of America any longer,” he said. He continued, “We will truly become a third-world country. We are already, in many ways, if you look at our border. We are worse than a third-world country.”

He continued, citing many other examples of the alleged demise of the U.S. In fact, he also railed against the current president, Joe Biden. He claimed that fascists were controlling Biden, with no proof to back this. 

In addition, he mentioned the state of the country’s airports. “We’re like a third-world nation. Look at our airports,” Trump said. “Look at our airports. I mean, how bad are the airports?”

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This rant is not the first by the former president. Instead, it is just one of his rants over the past couple of years. Many know him for being quite vocal and using social media to express himself often. 

Even as he is running for the primaries with the GOP, Trump has many cases that have not been settled yet. Therefore, his opponents use this as a huge backing point during their campaigns. Nikki Haley, his opponent in the primaries, also noted that the U.S. needs a president who would not be distracted by court cases and will give his all to the country. 

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