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TikTok Users Are Divided after Mom shares her Weird Bathroom Hacks for Avoiding Disposable Toiletries: ‘Toilet Papers Are Gross’

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One mom has caused a stir on TikTok after sharing her weird bathroom hacks for maintaining hygiene while avoiding the use of disposable toiletries.

TikTok mom Channon Rose has a thing against using toilet rolls and other bathroom disposables and did not hesitate to share it with her followers. She accompanied her revelation with a handful of alternatives which helps her save tons of money.

Her opinion did not sit well with most TikTokers, who took to the platform to voice their disapproval. However, some think Rose’s ideas are genius.

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Channon Rose | Image: TikTok/channonrose1
Channon Rose | Image: TikTok/channonrose1

Reusable Toiletries For The Win

In the video, the mother of two explained how she no longer purchased disposable toilet rolls for her family’s use. To her, using toilet paper meant tons of money down the drain without getting health-friendly results. She explained:

“I think regular toilet paper is gross. It gets crumbly and stuck. I’d rather have water and cloth.”

As a way around it, she turned to reusable toilet papers made out of recycled washcloths which admittedly cut down on unnecessary expenses. After each wipe, she just tosses the reusables into the laundry and washes with regular clothes.

While her method might seem gross, Rose disclosed they had a bidet in their toilet bowl, which usually cleaned them. Hence, they simply used the reusable toilet paper to wipe dry.

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Toilet Papers Aren’t The Only Money Drainers

Rose went on to reveal she no longer bought kleenex. Instead, she made reusable ones out of wash clothes by cutting them to shape and serging the edges as she does with the toilet papers.

After use, she washes them with the rest of the laundry. The TikToker also shared her toothpaste hack, admitting she no longer used toothpaste but depended on tooth bits to reduce plastic wastes. Even better, they produced flavored variants for kids as well.

Going further, Channon Rose admitted she found a way around disposable menstrual pads since menstrual cups caused her extreme pain due to health reasons. Switching to reusable sanitary towels made from cloth has saved her the ordeal of enduring the rashes caused by disposable pads.

She also noticed a reduction in the cramps she experienced during her cycles. Rose revealed she has perfected making the disposable pads herself and even sells them on Etsy.

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Netizens Have Divided Opinions

Rose’s video, which has since garnered over 421 thousand views and 68 thousand likes sparked a debate on TikTok. Many users believe her hacks were great, as they were not only money-saving and hygienic but also helped conserve the environment. A user wrote:

“Things like this in our bathrooms should be advertised and taught. They’re such simple solutions. Just a lack of knowledge. Thank you.”

Many users subscribed to the reusable pads especially, noting they were the ultimate money-savers, and very convenient. Some swore reusable cloth pads guaranteed fewer cramps as Rose pointed out. A comment read:

“Reusable pads for the win! It most definitely makes cramps less intense.”

Most users admitted the mom’s hacks seemed cringe-worthy at first, but made more sense as she explained further. 

Meanwhile, others condemned Rose’s bathroom practices, saying they were both gross and unhygienic. One commenter noted:

“There is so much bacteria going on those wipes. I would wash them separately and add a special antibacterial detergent to the wash.”

A user who identified as a dentist condemned Rose’s toothpaste practice, saying tooth tabs had no fluoride. Hence, they were bad for one’s dental health, especially a child’s since they could not prevent cavities. Another user noted:

“Nope, already have too much laundry and don’t like doing it. Don’t want to have any more than I have to.”

Many expressed concerns about having to share the reusable items with other people, especially when having guests around. To that, Rose explained she usually had disposable items stocked in her home specifically for guests.

TikToker’s Hacks For Reusable Napkins

Last month, another mom sparked a frenzy on TikTok after admitting she did away with disposable diapers in favor of reusable cloth nappies.

She went on to reveal she only washed those cloth nappies once a week, which made doing the laundry convenient. While many subscribed to the use of disposable nappies as they were environmentally-friendly options, they frowned upon her laundry habits, which they deemed unhygienic.

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