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Mom Sparks Debate With Genius Hack to Keep Her Kid in Bed All Night

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A woman shared her go-to hack for keeping her little boy tucked in his room all night. The video has since gone viral, leaving TikTok users divided.

Tiktok user, @tayterto95 discovered the ideal way of keeping her toddler in bed, and she was glad to share the interesting hack with the world.

Taking to the video-sharing platform, the mom, Taylor posted a clip showing a moderate goose statue positioned directly in front of her son’s room.

Image: Tiktok/@tayterto95
The Tiktoker decided to put a plastic goose in front of her son’s room | Image: Tiktok/@tayterto95

Sometime during the night, the little boy pulled his room door open but was met with the plastic goose. Horrified, the youngster jammed the door shut and let out a blood-curdling scream once safely tucked in his room.

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It appeared someone stayed up to witness the whole scene, as stifled laughter sounded in the background following the kid’s reaction.  A screen overlay included in the Tiktok video read:

“Tip #317: How to use a plastic goose to keep your toddler in bed.”

The tip certainly proved useful, as Taylor did not have to tuck her kids in again. Via the caption, she encouraged Tiktok users to follow her for more parenting hacks.

The post has since garnered 10.4 million views and 1.3 million likes. Thousands of netizens have also commented on the unconventional method, sharing their divided opinions.

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Image: Tiktok/@tayterto95
Image: Tiktok/@tayterto95

Most commenters deemed Taylor’s tip the holy grail of parenthood, as it could prevent so many sleepless nights. A comment read:

“This is the true innovation people should be writing books about.”

Many embraced the method wholeheartedly, promising to incorporate it in their parenting journey the first chance they got.

Some found it hilarious while others admitted they had tried the hack at some point using different figures, and it worked all the time. A Tiktoker commented:

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“I did that with a big clown head to stop my daughter from going down the hallway. It worked!”

Meanwhile, several netizens believed such extreme methods could leave a child traumatized. One person wrote:

“This might solve the problem in the moment, but will create so many more problems for a kiddo later. Please do not do stuff like this.”

Another commenter agreed, saying the fear tactic was harmful to a child’s emotional wellbeing. One Tiktok user wrote:

The goose frightened him back into his room | Image: Tiktok/@tayterto95
The goose frightened him back into his room | Image: Tiktok/@tayterto95

“Adult therapist: So tell me when your irrational fear of waterfowl started?”

Some admitted that despite knowing the dark repercussions of such actions, they couldn’t but try it out. One wrote:

“Me: That’s a terrible thing to do to your children! Also me: How did I not think of this? So much missed sleep.”

Like the Tiktok user, many parents are faced with the challenge of putting their kids to sleep at night, and leaving them tucked in without wandering off.

Over the years, parents have invented several creative ways to work around it. Back in June, another Tiktoker Megan Allen shared her creepy method of making her son learn to sleep alone on his bed.

It involved placing her wig on a stuffed monkey and wrapping it in a blanket close to her son’s bed. While the hack helped the boy sleep that night believing his mom lay beside him, someone else received a fright.

In an update, the mom revealed the decoy ended up scaring her husband out of his wits, so much that he forced her to get rid of it. Bonus point for creativity though!

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