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Throwback: Alison Sweeney’s 2012 Incredible Bikini Cover Photo

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In 2012, Alison Sweeney’s bikini photo stunned her fans as she starred on the front page of Shape Magazine.

Alison Sweeney made headline news when she stripped down to shoot her first-ever bikini cover photo for Shape Magazine in 2012. The “Biggest Loser” star stunned multiple fans with her stunning body and skin-toned abs. Her appearance on the cover came after the actress lost more than 20 pounds to achieve the athletic body she displayed on the cover.

Alison Sweeney's Bikini look
Image: Pinterest

Speaking to Shape Magazine, Alison disclosed how most women go through certain stages where they don’t like how they look. The actress then revealed how she went through the same phase and confessed her disappointment whenever she visited a clothing store. Furthermore, she disclosed that her appearance dominated her thoughts and feelings about herself. 

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However, with the help and encouragement of her husband, she switched to a lower-calorie diet. She also started working out, and that changed her life positively. It also helped her achieve the body goal she set. 

Alison was undoubtedly proud of what she had achieved because the actress was in the news a year later. This time, Alison donned a red bikini for Shape Magazine to feature on their cover. Inside the magazine, Alison posed in a black sports bra, hugging black leggings and low-top trainers. 

The soap opera star also wore a sleeveless turquoise top and black leggings while starring in a two-page pictorial for the magazine. In addition, the TV star also shared a 10-minute workout pictorial where she wore black leggings and greenish-blue workout gear that got alot of fitness fans excited.

Alison Explained Her Fitness Motivation To Shape Magazine

Alison Sweeney's Bikini
Image: Pinterest

In her interview featured in the magazine, Alison explained she had come a long way in her eight struggles. The actress, who used to wear an American dress size 12 in 1998, revealed she had lost 30lbs since then. Although featuring in the magazine a year before inspired her fitness journey, the actress continued her routine after the cover got released.

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Her dedication to keeping fit made Shape magazine feature her again, and Alison explained she had stepped up her fitness regimen since the year before. In addition, she noted she was getting involved in sporting challenges such as marathons and triathlons.

“Sure, I practiced in my pool for half an hour twice a week,’ Alison said, ‘but that didn’t prepare me for when I first stepped in the ocean. I was convinced I’d get eaten by a shark!”

However, she completed the challenge with no shark incident, and the actress explained she was preparing for another. Also, according to Alison, these challenges added meaning to her workouts. Finally, the actress noted that she feels delighted whenever she succeeds at a goal. 

Alison’s Body Fitness Days Are Behind Her

Ten years after her Shape Magazine interview, Alison looks different from the star who once graced magazine covers in a bikini. Although the actress doesn’t work out like before, she maintains her slim figure. In an interview with Maurice Benard, during the August 8, 2021 edition of his state of mind vlog, Allison Sweeney claimed she was fat-shamed in her growing-up years and would often feel guilty about anything she put in her mouth.

Her appearance also affected how unhappy she felt whenever she looked at herself in a mirror. As a teenager who had just started becoming aware of her body image, she realized that she didn’t fit the role of the typical actress. This stopped her from auditioning a lot after she got cast as Samantha on the NBC soap opera “Days of our Lives” in 1993. 

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Casting directors and producers whom she had read to would call her agent afterward to body shame her. They would tell her agents to send her back after she had lost 20 pounds. All these instances only made her circumstances alot less fun and demoralising. 

Alison Has Learned Body Acceptance

Despite her body and weight struggles, Alison has successfully unlearned all the negative thoughts about her weight. Thankfully, the actress taught herself that the point of exercise and diet was because she wanted to be healthy and fit. As a result, Alison was able to overcome her insecurities. 

Once she shifted to this mentality, her body weight also followed. She’s now super grateful to her husband, who encouraged her to exercise and a regular low-calorie diet. The actress is also thankful to her followers, who constantly support her healthy lifestyle.

The mother of two also shared her published book, “The Mommy Diet Guild,” for all expecting mothers. She revealed how she has always yearned to be part of the process of sharing her own stories with others but didn’t have the outlet as an actor. Meanwhile, Alison makes up for this by keeping up with her fans on social media with frequent posts on Twitter and Facebook. 

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